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Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, August 30, 2013


August 30, 2013

Laurel — To the waitresses, pipe fitters, conductors, nurses, reporters, firefighters, supermarket clerks, secretaries, printers, radio announcers, 911 dispatchers, farmhands, public works employees and teachers: Have a great Labor Day, the day that honors everyday people who work hard and are good citizens.

Laurel — The Welcome to Rudyard signs announce that there is one sorehead in the community, but no one can seem to find him. Joe and Jean Becker ran into some problems lately. Joe broke both of his legs at harvest time. Neighbors came to the rescue. They pitched in and did his two weeks’ worth of work in two days. Is there something special about Rudyard and the Hi-Line? You bet.

Dart — Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is joining in a lawsuit against the federal Bureau of Land Management because the agency has imposed new regulations on hydraulic fracturing, fracking, on BLM lands. Let's not be hasty here. BLM is sometimes caught in the middle on this topic. Environmentalists would like to see drilling banned, while industry supporters favor more fracking. Fracking holds potential for tremendous economic development and extraction of natural gas that could help the United States become more energy independent. But it also holds the potential for environmental disaster and illness to residents. BLM's middle-of-the-road approach is best.

Laurel — United Way of Hill County is about to launch its annual fundraising campaign. United Way funds 12 agencies that provide a variety of services to the area. By uniting some of their efforts under the United Way banner, they are able to spend less time raising money and more time providing services. The opening event will be a barbecue at Montana State University-Northern's Student Union Building, a week from Saturday. Tickets are just $30, and it promises to be a fun evening for a great cause.

Dart — On the last long weekend of the summer, unfortunately some people will be out finding it necessary to drive drunk, drive unsafely or drive without seat belts. Area police will be out over the weekend trying to keep roads and highways safe. If you are one of the drunken or unsafe drivers, we hope they catch you.


Reader Comments

uniimformed writes:

I give a dart to your uninformed views on fra#cking. Try a little research before you talk nonsense. Maybe even watch the documentary called Fra#ck Nation. I noticed you didn't bother to cover the story when the documentary was shown in Havre a few weeks ago


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