Free-clothes fence is returning to Havre


September 4, 2013

Lindsay Brown

Patty Brannigan is again hanging free, used clothes on the fence around her 14th Ave. home.

Patty Brannigan is restarting her “Free-Clothes Fence” at her home at 436 14th Ave.

She said she will hang used clothing on the fence in front of her home. People in need of clothes can stop by and take what they need, she said.

At the same time, she is asking people to donate any used clothing by dropping it off at the top of her driveway.

She said she started hanging the clothes on the fence Sunday, and there has already been a response.

“A lot of people need clothes,” she said. “People don’t have much money these days.”

“We’re finding a real need for sneakers for kids so they can go to school,” she said.

“You see such a need,” she said.

Brannigan said she had operated the fence for several years.

The idea began when she was looking for some volunteer work that would benefit the community.

“I asked God what I could do, and that’s how this got started.”

About four years ago, she said, her mother became ill and she wasn’t able to continue. Now, she’s ready to start up again.

She welcomes donations of clothes, she said, only asking that people place them at the top of her driveway to prevent the wind from blowing them into neighbor’s yards.

Brannigan also said she is in need of clothespins.


Reader Comments

Kindness writes:

Some may eyesore, I say you are a wonderful lady for this! Just put a sign Daily that says Free Garage Sale no law against that!

Spunky writes:

I think it's great to have back! I used to live not far from here and I also donated clothes to it. I doubt it brings the value down anymore than the other unkept properties with squaters living in them. I think it's a good thing. But I also thought the city had the fence shut down before not failing health of her family members...

Getaclue writes:

I have strong East End roots, and NEVER was showing compassion to those less fortunate than you considered an eyesore! At least not when I was growing up, where all of the East End mothers watched out for everyone's kids, not just their own! Some places were nice, others were not. If you care so much about appearances, why not gripe about what is East of Havre on Hwy 2? There isn't a mere eyesore using your word, its a public safety hazard. Get over it. The 500 limit sucks!

HavreMom writes:

Homeowner, I understand your frustration because I have felt the same about this neighborhood. We have worked very hard to make our house look nice, we pay our fair share of taxes, and don't bother anyone in the neighborhood. The house right next to Patty's is absolute filth and just across the street and down is an abandoned drug house. Patty's fence doesn't look that great, but it could be much worse.

Willy writes:

Lighten up Homeowner! I applaud and thank her for doing this. The giveaway house, that is joke with that mess.

homeowner writes:

Havre mother, would you like to pay the difference on the value of my home since this makes it go down in value to have garbage like this in the neighborhood? Again, there is a give away house in Havre along with several second hand stores. The clothes are rags that are hanging on the fence. If she wants to do this, then find a place other than her fence. This is going to attract the wrong kind of people and I have worked hard to have a very nice house and don't want eyesores like this!!!!

HavreMom writes:

Really Homeowner?! You must be fortunate enough to be able to provide for your family at all times and too proud to take hand-outs. Unlike you, people in this community fall on hard times and need a little extra help once in a while. I live in this neighborhood and would rather see this than a delapitated drug house. Patty-good for you for your willingness to help out the community and do this out of the kindness of your heart. Havre needs more people like you.

Homeowner writes:

This is illegal. There is a give away house in havre along with second hand stores. This is an eye sore to my neighborhood. It's disgusting! I have to look at this every time I look out my window and have to see this garbage! 14th ave is a State highway. This needs to be shut down immediately!!!!!


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