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September 18, 2013

After several months of no league bowling, Hi-Line Lanes welcomed back bowlers in all leagues. Scores did not show that they took any time off, as the scores were as hot as the 90-degree weather.

Roman Surber just missed another 300 with a 297, (his third try for the magic 300 in one year). Some keglers don’t get three chances in a lifetime. Jason McDonald had a three-game set of 765, with a 289 game. Ken Riska had a 279, plus several other high games and series. On the ladies side the scores were not as high, but very respectable with Dianne Watson leading the way with a 234 and Julie Rodgers a 538 series.

Over the summer months Hi-Line Lanes installed new overhead flat screens on lanes 3-14 with more to follow. Also a lot of painting was done to brighten up the overall look.

Congratulations to Mariani Insurance for capturing first place in the team event at the state tournament in their division. Members include Kristie Kline, Maxine Munson, Teresa Brown, Julie Mariani, Terry Lilletvedt and Shari Ruff.

Deanne Briere of Harlem took the Division B Champion. Over the summer Jacey McDonald, one of Montana’s rising young stars traveled to Detroit to participate in the National Youth Tournament as the representative of Montana for winning the Pepsi Tournament in her age division. It’s quite an honor for a 14-year-old. She had a great time and bowled well over the three days of qualifying. She made many friends back there which will last a lifetime. This writer is very proud of her, and I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg for her.

TIP OF THE WEEK: This is the time of year to check all of your equipment to see if your shoes especially the sliding foot is free of debris. Also examine the track area of your bowling ball to see if it needs resurfacing and check for oil in the ball. New bowling balls act like a sponge. It is recommended to resurface a bowling ball every 75 games.

During the summer Faye and I traveled to Las Vegas to the Bowl Expo with a chance to win a $100,000 makeover for Hi-Line Lanes. Missed out on the drawing, but came back with a lot of knowledge about new products and programs after attending a two-day trade show and several informational seminars. Well worth the trip.

TOURNEY TRAIL: After a year of closure for Little’s Lanes due to a broken water main they will be having the John Willey Tournament Oct. 5-6. Call for your spot 452-4116. Senior State Tournament is Oct. 4-6, 11-13 and 18-20 at Fat Cat Lanes in Laurel. Entries are at the lanes.

SUNDAY KEGLERS: Highs are Holdens Hot Wheels 884, 245; N. Turner 244, 236, 674; M. Hamilton 236, 229, 223, 688; C. Turner 176, 486. Other honors: B. Crowder 208, 216, 616; R. Turner 202, 238, 636.

MONDAY MIXED STRAIGHTAWAY: Highs are Minnow’s Marine 723; Creative Leisure 2536; R. Surber 297, 216, 200, 868; J. McDonald 245, 231, 289, (765), 164, 929; D. Seidel 223, 682. Other honors: K. Surber 258, 223, 640, 849; E. Boucher 199, 204, 213, (616) 258, 887; D. Linderman 226, 212, 800.

TUESDAY WOMEN: Highs are Mariani Insurance 822; 15 West 2275; M. Munson 208, J. Rodgers 180, 518. Other Honors are J. Mariani 190, 510; L. O’Leary (all spare game) 184, 508. SPLITS: M. Beck 2-9; L. O’Leary 5-10; D. Wirtzberger 2-6.

WEDNESDAY MENS: Highs are Nalivka’s 1159, 3146; K. Riska 279, 211, 672; F. Williams 258, 234, 205, 697. Other Honors: D. Wolf 224, 268, 683; J. Burrington 241, 630; S. Burrington 223, 210, 606; B. Holland 234, 243, 659; D. Linderman 250, 216, 662; J. Anderson 214; R. Surber 266, 615; K. Surber 215, 247, 638; M. Purkett 243, 631; B. Preeshl 224, 224, 240, 688; J. Mellum 217; J. Shulund 224, 209, 591; S. Mariani 215, 211, 254, 680; L. Miller 200; C. LaBrie 202; L. Schmidt 217.

THURSDAY MORNING LADIES: Highs are: Frontier Lawn 599; Raymond James 1692; G Austin 194, 434; J. Rodgers 194, 538. Other Honors: L. Ophus 185, 481.

THURSDAY MIXERS: A. Owens 245, 592; D. Watson 234, 493. Other Honors: B. Berreth 223.

HIGHS FOR THE WEEK ARE: Dianne Watson 234; Julie Rodgers 538; Roman Surber 297 and Jason McDonald 765.


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