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By Tim Leeds 

Complaint filed about early campaign signs

Rice says signs will be down today


September 19, 2013

Lindsay Brown

A Bob Rice candidate sign is displayed on 5th Avenue.

A complaint in the Havre municipal elections came Wednesday, with someone reporting to the Havre Police Department that mayoral candidate Bob Rice, a Republican, had put up campaign signs before they could be legally erected.

Rice said this morning that the signs would be taken down today.

Under city code, the earliest campaign signs can be erected is 45 days before the election — which is Saturday.

“They had the right to do that,” Rice said about the complaint. “That’s what politics are all about.”

He already had to recall some campaign T-shirts he had made when someone complained about the lack of a disclaimer on the shirts, he added.

“I kind of anticipated all this stuff coming down,” he said.

A call to the Havre Police Department asking about the complaint filed Wednesday had not been returned by printing deadline this morning.

Democratic Havre City Council Janet Trethewey contacted the Havre Daily Wednesday about the signs. Trethewey, who is running unopposed for re-election this year, said this morning that she saw the signs Wednesday and knew that, under the ordinance, they could not be up until Saturday.

She did not file the complaint with the police, she said, but, “It’s pretty frustrating when the person who’s supposed to be in charge ignores or doesn’t know the laws.

Democratic Mayor Tim Solomon, who defeated Rice in his bid for a third term in 2009, said he did not file the complaint with the police, but has been telling people who asked him that they could not go up until Saturday.

“My thing was, I was getting a lot of people asking why my signs weren’t up yet … ,” he said. “It’s an ordinance, and I do honor the ordinances.”


Reader Comments

Robwatson writes:

Petty politics!! In a town the size of Havre & that's what we're concerned about. Everybody has an opinion & hides behind some nickname. Pretty much sums up this town.

Outfit writes:

Hey Not Surprised! Maybe Bob can set up a tent next to jergesens in pepin park since your so concerned!!

Outfit writes:

Quiet in here!!!

Getaclue writes:

You two are posting innuendo. Knock it off! They are in those bars to organize fundraisers; I know who you are trying to bash and it won't work. So, instead of being hateful, why don't you two losers go do something positive like these city employees are? They drink SODA POP, if anything, and straight-no booze! GET IT? Or does it not fit into your little agenda?

SoccerMom writes:

Did anyone ever check with the soccer association? The last rumor going around was that even though Mayor Bob sponsored teams and had his name on jerseys, he never paid for any of the sponsorships. Yep, I sure want someone like that running our city and representing us! He was probably going to try to make the city pay for it IF he was re-elected.

outfit writes:

I think a couple key city employees drive their city vehicles to the bar? Dont see why it would be a problem driving to a fundraiser

vote4Bob writes:

I know of a couple city employees that drive their city vehicles to the bars and stay posted up all night!! Its a good way of not getting a DUI!! SHOULD WE DROP NAMES ON HERE??

vote4Bob writes:


Vote4Bob writes:

Shall we start naming names of city employees that drive their city vehicles to the bar??

Bozopatrol writes:

The complaint is legit and it raises the real question of WHY it was done. Bob Rice knows the rules, but chose to break them; it isn't the first time and shows what Bob really thinks about the rules-they only apply if they are in Bob and the local Republican's best interests. The guy doesn't give a hoot about rules-end of story.

Willy writes:

It is not that I think Bob is so awesome, it is just that I feel he did more than Mayor Tim has done. Yes Mayor Tim sat in on meetings regarding Wild Horse Crossing, but I believe that Bob also did. I know that Bob did some questionable things, but I believe he has more of a passion for the job than Mayor Tim.

NotSurprised writes:

Actually I'm an independant voter and thinker. I voted for Bob Rice in my young dumb days. But after several public embarassments I jumped for joy when he was defeated. I'm sure he means well, but I also noticed whenever he 'volunteered' he made sure to bring his Mayor Bob truck (which I beleive was city property that he had painted without authorization, I could be wrong)every time. His divisive politics made him impossible to work with. Your turn. What makes you think he's so great?

Willy writes:

Not Surprised you are right Mayor Bob never ever volunteered or helped anybody out. You are also probably a Democrat huh?

NotSurprised writes:

Lets see, freshest in my mind would be hiring the new police cheif who has done a great job. He was co-chair of the committee that fixed the hours at Wild Horse. He volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club and other parts of the city, donating his time when many people would simply write a check. And most importantly, he's doesnt' do any of it for publicity like 'Get er Done' Bob Rice. Who, by the way, didn't even show up for his last city council meeting to pass the torch.

SoccerSponsor writes:

Yes it was mentioned to the soccer people about his campaign sponsoring a team but it got ignored. I know I will verify next year before sponsoring a soccer team that there are no political candidates for teams or I will not sponsor again. There have been several other sponsors that feel the same way about what Havre Youth Soccer did as I do. Shame on them and shame on Bob Rice for using the kids for his political gain.

Willy writes:

Notsurprised what has Mayor Tim done while Mayor?

NotSurprised writes:

Bob Rice was not a better mayor than Tim Solomon by any stretch of the imagination. He showed up 5 minutes before the reporter/photographer and left 5 minutes after. Serving on committees with him was a disaster because he never valued anyone elses opinion and could not work with other people. Don't even get me started on the deals he made without authorization that caused so many problems. Case in point, the alley behind Pizza Hut.

Willy writes:

Yes I plan on voting for the bi-partisian change in city elections. Kind of funny that the complaints are just now starting on the soccer shirts.

Soccerdad writes:

I hope someone DID complain about the soccer shirts. I was APPALLED and had my child been on that team, I would have demanded them to be moved, or at the very least allowed to wear that shirt inside out!! A children's activity is NOT the place to advertise politics. EVER. That never should have been allowed.

Willy writes:

Mayor Bob did a lot more for Havre, than Mayor Tim ever did that includes him being the Fair Manager.

Andrew Brekke writes:

@Willy, Typical Havre politics at it finest on both ends. Early signs by one party and complaints by the other. Nice. Good job parties on keeping the tradition going. Vote YES on the referendum to make City Elections Non-Partisan, that would be a good start!

Grumpy writes:

I can't believe he is back in the running again. I figured Havre people have had enough of this goof.

AngryParent writes:

why isn't anyone complaining about the fact that Havre Youth Soccer allowed him to sponsor a soccer team this fall with Vote for Mayor Bob team shirts? Why was he allowed to do that? Why did Havre Youth Soccer allow that? As a parent it offends me that these kids on that team are forced to be used as political campaign fodder....

NotSurprised writes:

I can't say I'm surprised that Bob Rice doesn't feel the need to follow campaign laws. He's not interested in any rules unless he's the one who made them, and he's never been the type to work with others. I'm sure this is only signs of what's to come. Bob hasn't even lived in Havre for the last several years, only moving back to Havre so he would qualify to run in this election. Missoula can keep him.

Willy writes:

Typical Havre politics at it finest on both ends. Early signs by one party and complaints by the other. Nice. Good job parties on keeping the tradition going.


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