By Tim Leeds 

Solomon cites successes in his re-election bid


September 23, 2013

The incumbent mayor said Friday during the Pasma-Peck Democratic fundraiser in Havre that the operation of the government has improved in his first term, and he wants to continue that.

“We are moving forward,” Democrat Tim Solomon said.

Solomon faces former Republican Mayor Bob Rice, whom Solomon defeated in Rice’s bid for a third term in 2009.

The speakers at the dinner also featured U.S. Senate candidate Dirk Adams, former Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger, Lt. Gov. John Walsh, state Sen. Greg Jergeson, D-Havre, and U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont.

Solomon said most of the speakers at the Pasma-Peck Dinner were talking about the 2014 state and federal election, 14 months away.

“It’s 46 days away for me,” he said. “And we’re going to take it 45 days at a time.”

He cited his nearly 40 years in public service, including decades in law enforcement including as Hill County sheriff, as one of his qualifications.

He said one of the successes under his leadership has been working better with other governments and with local constituents, including getting “a couple of lawsuits settled.”

The city of Havre and the Hill County government last spring agreed to an out-of-court settlement to a lawsuit the city filed while Rice was mayor, asking a judge to order the county to pay past-due amounts and increase its annual payments toward the operation of the Havre community swimming pool.

The county had argued that the 1974 agreement was not a valid contract and that, with increasing expenses and decreasing revenue, the county could not afford the amount the city requested.

Solomon said the city has been working much better with the county under his leadership, including dealing with a problem at the city-county library. The way the library originally was set up, the organization that provides insurance for city employees reported, the Montana Municipal Insurance Authority could not cover the library employees.

Solomon said the city and county were able to draft and approve a new interlocal agreement that solved that problem.

He also cited improvements in the Havre Police Department, including what he said are better community relations and a reduction in a high turnover rate, under the leadership of Police Chief Kirk Fitch, who announced last Monday that he would retire Sept. 27.

Solomon said people questioned his decision to recommend Maricopa, Ariz., Police Chief Fitch for the job, rather than picking someone from the Havre Department. But, he said, Fitch’s leadership has improved the department.

“He was the right guy,” he said.

Solomon also thanked his wife, Krista, and stepdaughter, Karlee Young, for their help in his political campaigns and support for his work, and noted that his own sons and grandchildren also live in Havre.

“So Havre is home, and it’s going to be,” Solomon said.


Reader Comments

getaclue writes:

Is there a reason that the article about Bob Rice talked about his health, divorce and moving out of state, yet this article doesnt discuss Tim Solomon's personal life at all? Havre Daily News, run by hacks.

Willy writes:

Does anybody else think that there MAY be a conflict of interest when the Fair Manager (County position)is also the Mayor (City Position) rolls over and plays dead in his position as the Mayor so the County will benefit not once but twice?

Whothen writes:

I agree with Grumpy. Neither is a great choice but what genius is going to run when the office pays $18,000 per year? No city employee will vote for Bob because he expected them to give 100% which I think is good. Tim has yet to even hold a department head meeting with his staff after 4 years. Bob bows his neck and can be uncompromising which makes him difficult to work with while Tim is more easy going and laid back. They both have their negative points and teir good points.

Outfit writes:

Maybe Tim needs to stick to try and improving the fair! Worst fair in the state!

Outfit writes:

Indeed your getting along with the county!! Why wouldnt you when they only pay half or nothing of their debts!!

greatjobtim writes:

You know, I sit here and read about how each candidate is bad mouthing each other, but this is comment is comming from someone who had worked personally with Tim Solomon and he is a great man all around. First off, for a man to take on multiple tasks as fairgrounds manager and mayor I give props to and whenever there are public events I always see Tim at them mingling with the crowd. I never once saw Bob rice in public with the crowd. Being mayor is more than just leading a town. Its persona too

callbul writes:

Mayor is so full of himself the turnover is the same as its always been and will always be the same until their is a change in leadership and better pay something said about being one of the lowest paid police departments in the state and mayor has no concerns addressing that issue so keep dumping money down the drain on officers that stay three years

Getaclue writes:

Compromise and getting along are NOT dirty words. Bob's use of the position of Mayor as a bully pulpit cost us taxpayers a lot of money. Maybe that sits well with you crybaby Bob supporters, but for us real people it does not and never will.

Grumpy writes:

Time to get rid of the good ol' boys club by getting rid of them both and getting some new blood in office.

HYPE writes:

We are getting along better with the county because our new mayor rolled over and played dead for the county. Did the county pay their fair share for the pool in this new wonderful agreement? Heck no but at least we are all loved up with each other. Did the county help with the load on the library? Nope, they shed themselves from any responsibility but at least we can do what we want since the city is paying for everything. Way to not make any waves Tim


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