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Havre school renovation proposal sails through

“I want to thank the community,” Havre Public Schools Superintendent Andy Carlson said. “I’ve said this a lot, but I feel very fortunate to a part of this school system.”

Carlson spoke after voters overwhelmingly approved a construction project to renovate Sunnyside Intermediate School and Havre Middle School at a cost of $5.1 million and Havre High School for $2.6 million.

Carlson said that more ballots were turned in for this than most of the votes they have taken at the schools before. He said the last time the community was asked to vote for something in the schools, there were around 300 ballots turned in. Almost 2,000 ballots were turned in for the renovation vote.

“I think the exciting part about this is that it will be a tangible improvement to our schools,” Carlson said. “I’m pretty excited and I’m very grateful.”

Carlson said there will be some time between securing the bonds for the project and asking for bids from contractors, but he hopes to get started on the renovations as soon as possible.

He said they hope to start during the 2014-2015 school year.

Elementary and Middle School renovations

Yes: 1,116

No: 674

High School renovations

Yes: 1,137

No: 735


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whatawaste writes:

I want to know why we are spending millions expanding Sunnyside, after years back, we gave away Devlin School for a $1? Devlin had a separate gym and cafeteria. Why do we continue allowing this school District to mismanage taxpayers funds, throw away and waste money? Remember the former Huntley Superintendent? Remember the High School roof that caved in? Remember we gave away Devlin School for a buck? But lets spend millions to expand? What did these mistakes cost us? Wake Up Havre you fools!

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