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Hi-Line Athlete Profile: Aubrea Worm, Havre High Volleyball

She's sharp, on and off the court

Aubrea Worm has garnered a lot of attention this fall for how she has been able to perform on the court for the Havre High volleyball team. But nearing the end of her senior season with the Central A Blue Ponies, it’s Worm’s brain that has started the ball rolling on what should be a very promising collegiate career.

Worm has played volleyball for the Ponies all four years of her prep career, traveling with the varsity squad fulltime the last two years, but making the most impact this season as a senior. Worm is currently one of the team leaders in kills, and is a solid hitter for head coach Melanie Skoyen. And while Worm has earned the Sportsmanship Award following the match on several occasions, it is what she has accomplished in the classroom that is even more impressive.

Wrapping up her senior year, Worm has been well decorated for her academic success.

The last two years Worm was named Academic All Conference and All State during the volleyball season. She was also named to the National Honor Society all four years, as well as accepted the Academic Achievement Award all four years for achieving a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

And all that hard work won’t be for nothing, as Worm has already been accepted to Montana State University in Bozeman, where she will be a Pre Med major.

But Worm has a senior season of volleyball to finish up, and she’s hoping the Blue Ponies can continue the roll they started last weekend at home.

Here’s five questions with Worm, who’s having a big senior season for HHS.

HDN: After the slow start, what goals does the team still have for this season?

Worm: “We are still trying to work hard and get a spot at the state tournament. We definitely want to go this year. Winning the conference would be awesome, and hopefully we can beat out Belgrade and Park (Livingston). Those are some of our big competitors, and Lewistown is good also, but they aren’t as good as they have been.”

HDN: Out of the opponents left on the schedule, who are you looking forward to playing the most?

Worm: “I really want to play Lewistown again, and I am really excited to get to play them again. I just hope that we can finally beat them. They are looked at being so good, and they aren’t as good as they have been hyped up to be, so it would be a good win for us.”

HDN: When you aren’t competing yourself, is there a sport you enjoy watching or wish you would have played?

Worm: “I watch hockey and tennis mostly. And my sister is playing tennis this spring and she is a freshman, so I will be there watching her, but I also have a lot of friends who are in tennis. But I actually played softball and basketball and a whole bunch of other things all the way up until I reached high school, but then I just chose to focus on volleyball and worked the rest of the year.”

HDN: Does the team have any rituals it has to do before, during, or after a match?

Worm: “Before our games we have our pregame lockerroom dance. It’s lights off with the strobe light going and with loud music. It is just to get us pumped up I guess, and because of our slow start we have been trying to get going. It is something that we usually did, but we have been bad about doing it lately, so now we are really trying to do that.”

HDN: As a senior, what would a trip to the state tournament mean to you?

Worm: “That would be so cool because I have been traveling with the varsity team for two or three years now, and we never quite get to state. So I think making it and seeing some different competition would be really awesome. It is going to take a lot of teamwork, because we haven’t played much as a team lately, so that and the little things will get us to the next level.”


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