Financial crisis means Rocky Boy gov't will shut down Thursday


Last updated 10/16/2013 at 9:52am

HELENA — The Chippewa Cree Tribe has declared a financial disaster due to the federal government shutdown.

Spokesman Wade Colliflower said Tuesday if the budget stalemate in Congress isn't resolved by Thursday, the tribal government will completely shut down.

The exception will be the Rocky Boy's reservation's police department and health clinic, which will be fully staffed.

Colliflower says senior citizens will receive meal deliveries, propane and firewood as the weather turns colder.

But nearly all other tribal offices and services will close after Thursday, with essential workers on call in case of emergencies.

Colliflower says the tribe already has cut back hours and furloughed staff with federal money for tribal programs cut off during the shutdown.

He says tribal members are holding their breaths in hopes a deal will be reached.


Reader Comments(9)

restructoring writes:

This is a great time for the tribe to consider trimming the pork, way to many employees pulling in wages to do nothing, just what joe smith has to offer as a comment its all true thanks joe shmoe for the comment.

Concerned writes:

PPl really should check their sources before flying off the handle, NAVAJO is the largest reservation in the U.S., therefore, they get the biggest piece of the pie when it comes to federal dollars. They are not succeeding without the help of the gov., what a joke. I do agree with poor leadership statments, leading to mismanagement, and I think you should all remember who was the Chair when the 30,000 was given to counicl members...seems like the commuity has memory problems.

bill writes:

The clowns are a disaster. Compound their fiscal woes with the political circus, they are also a disgrace. The tribe sure could use the 4 mil they gave to Plain Green and the 1 mil pile of dirt, new tribal office, right now. Can we see receipts on how that money was actually spent? No on the hand game and rodeo junkets around powwow time boys, or $1,500 Christmas bonus checks to yourselves. Consider it a message, the $$ are drying up, no more corruption, we need new leadership.

Watcheseagle writes:

Since colonization,the federal government has created a culture of dependency which continues to make all reservation Indians stand in the federal welfare line!! Until Indian tribes become self sufficient and stop taking any federal dollars we will always be at the mercy of our great white father in Washington....For those of you who don't think independence is posssible...the Navajo Nation is making great progress without government help or interference!!check it out!

Blattman writes:

Don't worry Kenny Blatt will save you.

moneytalks writes:

Might be time to be weaned off of federal dollars & inflated salaries. Be interesting who would hire or even give an interview to the clowns who are on the business committee, only experience they have is helping themselves to federal dollars.

BOYS writes:

Will the COUNCIL BOYS be paid?

Grumpy writes:

Maybe they can get some of the stolen water system money back and use it to stay open.

NONONO writes:

All meetings in Vegas are hereby cancelled. So sad!


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