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By L.W. Park 

Upset over park closures


October 16, 2013

What justification is the Obama administration using to close off the public lands to the public? Does it deem its presence necessary for the public to use their own lands, and if so, on what basis? 

I refer specifically to the closure of national wildlife refuges and the World War II Memorial, but the closure of the national parks is also questionable.

Is this just a cynical ploy in hopes that the American public will demand that the GOP cave to Obama and the Democrats?

Interestingly, an article in the paper shortly after the shutdown stated that support on Facebook for the GOP, as opposed to the Democrats, was running over 6 to 1, respectively.

The government shutdown, is without a doubt, critical to the employees who are furloughed. We know — we were furloughed by the Bureau of Land Management in 1995.

But for most of America it’s an annoying inconvenience which should highlight how dependent upon the government we have become, but also how non-essential much of our government really is.

Is it time to ‘just say no’ to big government?

L.W. Park



Reader Comments

medtran writes:

Sounds like somebody's watching too much Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck. The blame for the governmnt shutdown falls squarely on the shoulders of the Tea Party side of the Republicans. They ran for office saying they were going to shut down the government, they were cheering when they did, and then they had the nerve to blame the President and Democrats? What kind of backwards world do you guys live in that you believe all their crap?


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