Our View: Polar Plunge is a jump worth taking


October 23, 2013

The public’s attitude toward developmentally disabled people has changed radically over the years.

While bias still exists, many people now see that developmentally disabled people are a vital part of a healthy society as people with goals, ambitions and feelings.

There are lots of reasons for this change. Education has played a role. Teachers and experts in the field have been careful in explaining things to people. More developmentally disabled people have been mainstreamed into society at large. When people have friends and neighbors with developmental disabilities, they are much less likely to hold on to baseless fears and biases.

But a major reason in the change in attitudes is Special Olympics.

Special Olympics gives the developmentally disabled an opportunity to compete and to feel the thrill of victory. It provides a sense of accomplishment to those who may have been rebuffed in the past.

Special Olympics depends on volunteers for most of its work, but it is impossible to run such a tremendous program without financial backing.

That’s where the general public gets involved.

On Nov. 2, at Blue Pony Stadium, the annual Sub-Zero Super-Hero Polar Plunge will take place.

If you or a team can raise $100 from friends and family, you get the chance to jump in a giant tub of freezing cold ice water while friends and total strangers cheer you on.

And you will get the opportunity to see some Special Olympians enjoy themselves as you freeze. You will see first-hand the people who benefit from this. It will give you a warm glow.

You will get a chance to entertain them and, while doing that, you will help fund this very valuable program.

Sound like fun? Sound like a fulfilling experience?

Join in the annual “freezin’ for a reason.”

Sign up to take part in the festivities.

Stop at the Havre Police Department, Havre High School or any number of businesses that have a poster displayed.

If you can get $100 in pledges, you can jump on Nov. 2.

It will be lots of fun, and you will be taking part in an effort to further improve the status of the developmentally disabled.


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