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Women, family clinic to open in a year


October 28, 2013

Northern Montana Health Care

An artist drawing shows what the new Northern Montana Health Care Women's and Family Health Center will look like when it is completed in about a year.

Northern Montana Health Care will undertake a $3.5 million remodeling of the existing Behavior Health Services Building, converting it into a Women's and Family Health Center.

The plans were announced to the corporate board last week at its bi-annual meeting. It is expected to open about one year from now.

The 15,000 square foot building was built in 1990 to serve as a chemical dependency unit for Northern Montana Hospital.

The building, which had also been used as a behavioral health science unit, is currently unused.

The proposed project will combine the OB/GYN and family medicine practices from the current Northern Montana Medical Groups West and East.

"Having these two specialties under one roof will serve the community better," said Wendy Wertheimer, director of clinic nursing.

"The concept is that of a family wellness center," she said. "Eleven of the family medicine and OB/GYN providers will be in the same space.

"This will allow the providers to practice more as a traditional group practice model rather than being in two separate buildings as they currently are." she said.

The building is connected to Northern Montana Hospital, making it easier for family medicine and OB doctors who are often called out of the office for deliveries, she said.

Northern Montana Medical Group West Clinic will benefit from the extra space by expanding the current orthopedic surgery and internal medicine practices, Wertheimer said.

Clausen & Sons of Havre will be the general contractor.

The current orientation of the building will change to the west side to allow for additional parking for the clinic's patients.

The look of the remodeled facility will resemble the recent Northern Montana Medical Group West clinic remodel. Work on the project will begin soon.


Reader Comments

hiliner writes:

Right...because we saw how well the expensive Sletten Cancer Center turned out....

oldtimer writes:

I'm sure they will start a campaign to raise the funds from all of us like they did with the Sletten center. Then they won't be out anything when it goes bust.

Spunky writes:

My first thought was what about the old Sletten Center. But I don't know who owns that building. I think this is going to be a great thing. The Dr's will be right close to the hospital for emergencies. If all those dr's are going to this location, I don't think there were would be enough space at the Sletten anyway.

Getaclue writes:

Unlike the school system, which is funded publicly, the hospital does not have to comply with the Lowest Bidder law. This seems to be lost on Havre simpletons. The law is clear; when you use public dollars, the lowest bidder gets the job. This is something the PEOPLE of the state of Montana wanted, as they felt their tax dollars were being bilked by the Good Ol' Boys system. Please, Havre, try to understand the LAW! Some of us in Havre are sick of the stupid!

Willy writes:

No wonder it is so expensive at NMH, they have money to burn. David Henry should leave with Big Jim.

Havre writes:

One positive note.......................Unlike the school system at least they like Havre enough to spend their money with a local contractor

Rick writes:

I was thinking the same thing. We already have an empty medical facility that looks great. How long before they decide to quit using this facility.

CONFUSED writes:

3.5 million dollars to remodel the old unit? When you have a multi-million dollar medical facility just sitting there? Sletten Center sits beautiful and EMPTY and you're going to fork out that kinda dough for a REMODEL? Unbelievable!


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