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Havre shopping, new sidewalks and a new stable


November 1, 2013

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A horse-drawn wagon is parked on the north side of 1st Street in downtown Havre in this 1899 photo, one year after the stories in this article.

In continuing this series celebrating Havre's 120th anniversary of incorporation, we visit the year 1898. The Oct. 28 issue of The Milk River Eagle had mostly political articles on the front page. They had some great stories in the social pages.

Town And Country

A social hop will be given in the K. P. hall on the 3rd. It will be the greatest and the grandest ball of the year.


Martin O'Neil, one of this city's heaviest real estate owners and a former prominent townsman, but now engaged in improving his valuable ranch on Box Elder, accompanied by his estimable wife, spent Monday in town and made glad our merchants by his liberal purchases.


The Havre Whist club held its first meeting Wednesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Griffin, and all who were present declared it to have been one of the most pleasant social events that has ever taken place in the city. A delightful and delectable lunch was served by the charming hostess and immensely enjoyed by the happy and appreciative guests. Those present were Mesdames Stringfellow, Newman, Turgeon, Hanche and McGie; Misses Lightner and Simons; Messrs Ricker, McAllister, Newman, Turgeon, Hanche, Stringfellow and Moore.


In building a new and substantial sidewalk from the corner of First street and Second avenue to Second street and Second avenue Messrs. Swanton and Pepin have filled a long felt want and the people residing in that portion of the city will rise up and call them blessed. For the past week ladies have been compelled to traverse that particular street and have been seen floundering around knee deep in mud.

Were it not for the happy fact that all the ladies in Havre have small feet the city would have to keep a derrick on hand to release the unwary who might chance to get mired in the bog or those who rush in and tread where angles dare not. The example set by Messrs. Swanton and Pepin is a good one and is to be highly commended and should be emulated by all for the sake of comfort, convenience and good appearance.


H. W. Weatherby has just completed a small but neat stable at the rear of his blacksmith shop.


Wm. McGrew, the wide awake rancher of Toledo, who is embarking in the sheep business on a large scale, was laying in supplies Monday.


Frank Cowan has nearing completion of a commodious residence on Third Street. Madam Rumor intimates that Frank has been reading that passage in the good book which says "it is not good for man to live alone."


Hon. C. J. McNamara, of Big Sandy, the cattle king of Montana, is in the city and will make Havre his home this winter.


Dan Boone was the recipient this week of the sad intelligence of the death of his mother in Virginia. He has the heartfelt sympathy of this community in his sad bereavement.

Havre had been incorporated for a mere five years in 1898, but it was growing and adding new buildings, activities and amenities.


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