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Solomon defeats Rice to win second term

Havre Mayor Tim Solomon, a Democrat, won a second term Tuesday, defeating the man he beat four years ago, former Mayor Bob Rice.

The first results showed Solomon defeating Rice 1,399-1,109, 55.8 percent of the vote, carrying all four wards.

In 2009, Solomon defeated Rice in his bid for a third term with more than 62 percent of the vote.

The election saw about 58 percent of active registered voters return mail ballots.

At Democratic headquarters, the victorious candidate thanked his supporters and promised to continue working hard to complete projects he had begun in his first term.

At the Duck Inn, where Republicans gathered, Rice thanked his supporters and left.

Rice has been a fixture in Havre politics for more than 20 years.

This was the fifth election in a row that he had run for mayor,

Rice lost his first bid to Democrat Phyllis Leonard but came back to win two elections in a row before losing to Solomon four years ago.

Solomon, too, has been a mainstay in politics. He was elected to several terms as Hill County Sheriff. He then came out of political retirement four years ago to run for mayor.

This year's election was relatively quiet, except for a Havre Daily News-sponsored forum, when Solomon charged that Rice had moved out of town after losing four years ago and, thus, didn't meet the requirement that mayoral candidates have to live in the city for two years before running.

Solomon will have a Democratic City Council to work with. After Tuesday's voting, there will be five Democrats and three Republicans on the council.

John Paul Schmidt, Tim Leeds and John Kelleher contributed to this report.



Reader Comments(14)

Willy writes:

Getreal, I have seen quite a few kids at the skate park, more than I see at other parks and I drive by the skate park almost daily. During this last summer in the evenings there were tons of kids. During the dday I have seen college kids there when there were fewer of the younger kids. The city workers are very good and I do not blame them, as I believe it comes from above them. But the city has done a very poor job on taking care of the skate park.

Getreal writes:

And as for the pool issue Willy binding arbitration is very costly. Of course most legal actions are. What if the court found in favor of the county? Sstranger things have happened. The county is at least providing some funding towards it now. No one has. Crystal least the pool will be here for now.

Getreal writes:

I only know by what I see and what local kids tell me. Yes I know it's used but I see it empty far more than kids using it. Not like the other parks especially Pepin with the new play equipment. Although not one of the club the people who take care of the parks don't need defending. They do a very good job.

Willy writes:

Getreal, no the city does NOT maintain it like the other parks. You must be a city employee to defend them like that. Are you serious about underutilized? During the summer there are probably more kids there than most city parks.

Getreal writes:

It takes time and money to repair vandalism. And the city does maintain the skatepark just like the other parks. It appears that this park is under utilized by actual skateboarders though. Where is their organization these days?

Willy writes:

Getreal, one does not have to pay just to go down and use one of the city parks. To reserve yes, but not just to go and use. Don't worry the city has not put anything into the skate park during Tim's term in office other than to paint the vandalism. Which probably were only a few people and they may not have been skaters in the first place. Yes it was a mess, but at least he was trying. Tim caved in to the county (Tim's other boss)on pool issue.

2smart4u writes:

Putting up concrete blocks along 5th Ave. and not leveling them off so they look horrible. Painting light poles in downtown Havre half way up, adding a wooden yellow ribbon that today look shabby. Putting together poorly designed wooden benches, painting them red, white and blue and making the town look like a circus. I think we have enough of Bob Rice's half-way projects to last us a while. I agree, that skate park, the way it was done, was a big mistake!

Joe writes:

Just how much money does it take to maintain a big hunk of concrete like the skate park? Prior to the skatepark the city had to mow the vacant lot. Seems to me we are spending less but then again I am not a city employee so I don't know

Getreal writes:

Ah one disputes your enthusiasim for kids sports. Problem here is how the skatepark was done. It was a financial boondoogle. And now it's a taxpayer drain due to maintenance. You didn't clarify what is to be done with it. And please check with the city if you want to reserve space in a park. You DO have a deposit to pay. If they could do that with the skateboard park it would bbbe great. Maybe all the time and supplies needed to repair vandalism could be reduced.

Willy writes:

You guys are pathetic. At least Mayor Bob was trying to do something for the kids that do not play baseball,soccer or football.The park is owned by the city and should be taken care of like every other city park. But the city refuses because Mayor Bob is the one who got it done. Do we require those who use the playground at Peppin park to play, or anybody that has party. You guys need to get a clue and get over yourselves.

Getaclue writes:

We needed that skate park like we needed a hole in the head! Go do some research on it, Willy. Taxpayers got stuck with a bill they had no business covering, due to the incompetence of Bob Rice. It was in the papers! Taxpayers should not, in any way, do anything with that stupid skate park except get rid of it! If the skaters want it, they need to start organizing, fundraising and take care of it THEMSELVES!

getreal writes:

With all due respect Willy but to what are you referring? Do what with the skatepark? It is continually being either vandalized or trashed or spraypainted. Enlarge it so they have more to work with?

Willy writes:

At least four more years before anything is done with the skate park!!

DoSomething writes:

You have been given another shot Mr. Solomon. lets do something this term. ANYTHING

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