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Update: Havre man faces homicide charge

Shane Johnson charged with killing Travis Johnson


November 11, 2013

John Paul Schmidt

Law enforcement vehicles, including from the Montana Department of Justice Department of Criminal Investigation - Crime Scene Unit, are parked on the 700 Block of 2nd Avenue this morning. Shane Johnson was being held without bail this morning in the Hill County Detention Center after being arrested for deliberate homicide, with formal charges pending. Havre Police have not provided information about the incident to the Havre Daily News this morning.

Shane C. Johnson, 45, of Havre was arrested by Havre Police for deliberate homicide Sunday morning.

He was placed in the in the Hill County Detention Center Sunday and was still there this morning, though police were saying nothing about what led to the arrest.

A press release from the Havre Police Department sent to the Havre Daily News around 3 p.m. today named the victim of the homicide as 43-year-old Travis Johnson.

The release said Shane Johnson, was taken into custody and is currently an inmate at the detention center on an outstanding warrant for privacy in communication and “pending felony charges of deliberate homicide.”

Emergency medical personnel and officers were dispatched to the 700 block on 2nd Avenue “for a report of an unconscious male.”

Travis Johnson was taken to the hospital, then pronounced dead of an apparent gunshot wound.

“The investigation into this incident is still ongoing,” the press release says.

The release did not indicate if the two Johnsons were related.

Officers were unable to comment further on the incident.

Three police cruisers and a crime investigation unit were outside a residence on 2nd Avenue, between 7th and 8th streets.

A Havre Police officer asked a Havre Daily News reporter to leave the scene as he was taking pictures.

The Havre Fire Department said they did not have a report of emergency medical personnel being sent out around that time.

There was no answer at Hill County Attorney Gina Dahl’s office this morning. County offices were closed due to Veterans Day.


Reader Comments

afriend writes:

travis was a dear and true friend. He always seemed to be the vulnerable one and caught in the middle of everything for no reason. He was a very good man and was protective of his and their family. He had tried to protect myself and son on numerous occasions...R.I.P. travis Johnson. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. love u travis

Ammiers writes:

Shane and Travis are brothers....... i know somebody who is related to them and Travis has a 10 years old son that now has to live with no dad!!!!

moosemt writes:

I hope the officers can get some sleep. The things they deal with daily. Good grief. Prayers to the family. Prayers to the Officers.

Sister writes:

Travis always looked out for me when we were young. Never let anyone mess with me. And he was the easiest guy i know to make laugh. Miss him so much already.

whatever writes:

Sketchy details on this one....yet Simpson's business is all over the place for everyone to see over something harmless...This IS MURDER! but please, No pictures!!!

darby writes:

Prayers to their mother

Friend writes:

So sad... Sending Prayers Travis was a good guy.

anonymous writes:

His name was travis charles johnson. I hope shane spends the rest of his life in jail.

Anonymous writes:

Emergency medical personnel and officers were dispatched to the 700 BLACK on 2nd Avenue...The release did not INDICATED OF the two Johnsons were related. Seriously Havre Daily? Maybe use spell-check every once in awhile. For something as tragic as a homicide, this is horrible reporting.

GerriStiffarm writes:

RIP Travis. You were always a very nice man! Many condolences to your family!

MRS writes:

thank you Thomas..... that part of reading this article sticks out to me like a sore thumb!!! And should be seen as a red flag!!!

Thomas writes:

-A Havre Police officer asked a Havre Daily News reporter to leave the scene as he was taking pictures.- Someone needs to tell that Police Officer that according to the U.S. Supreme Court, it is LEGAL to take photos of police officers while they're working. He can ASK the reporter to leave, but the reporter is not REQUIRED to leave unless he is interfering with the investigation. taking photos is not interfering unless he is right up in their face.


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