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Ribbon-cutting opened new tennis courts to Northern


November 13, 2013

Lindsay Brown

Chancellor James Limbaugh speaks during Friday's ribbon cutting ceremony for the renovated tennis courts at Montana State University-Northern.

Chancellor James Limbaugh introduced the newly renovated tennis courts at Montana State University-Northern Friday to a crowd of onlookers before cutting a ribbon with other Havre notables to deem the courts open for use.

"As soon as we cut the ribbon, they're ready to play on," Limbaugh said. "We will bring back to life something we have wanted for a while now."

As he and others cut the ceremonial ribbon, Limbaugh said, "For our students and our community, the tennis courts are open."

The refurbished tennis courts are between the Armory Gym and the physical plant on the west end of campus. The courts are open 24/7, but there are no lights, as the funds were not sufficient to install them, Director of University Relations Jim Potter said.

Limbaugh and Potter said the courts were virtually unplayable before the renovation. The trees hung over a mangled chain-link fence and the ground was cracked and uneven.

"The tennis courts are one of the first things you see when you come onto campus," Limbaugh said. "It makes a statement about our university."

The two enclosed courts are now smooth and well-groomed. Members of student senate played the first game of tennis on the brand-new courts, albeit with one of Student Senate Secretary Andrew Potter's winter gloves, as no one brought tennis balls to accompany the racquets.

The score could be said to have been love-love, but the new tennis courts have surely scored one point for the university.


Reader Comments

2smart4u writes:

But, but, but, in so doing, Willy, The Anointed One got another chance to mug for a shot and pretend he's doing something really important. Like making sure his tie matches the new tennis courts. Because that's what court jesters do.

Willy writes:

Sure glad they got these fixed! I know this was way more important than anything else on the campus!


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