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Rocky Boy to hold annual powwow at Northern


January 3, 2014

The annual Rocky Boy Winter Celebration Powwow will be held in the Montana State University-Northern gymnasium today.

“Every year we have a Christmas powwow a week before or after Christmas,” said Dustin Whitford, one of the coordinators of the summer and winter powwows at Rocky Boy. “We usually have it at Rocky Boy, but it was so packed last year we decided to have it at Northern.”

Last year, the powwow was held in the gymnasium of the new Stone Child College.

“We’re expecting a huge crowd again,” Whitford said. “And we’re expecting an honored guest — Montana State Rep. Steve Daines.”

Daines. a Republican, will be in the grand entry of the powwow at 7 p.m. today.

The dancers will compete for cash prizes. First place will receive $800, second will get $600, third will get $400 and fourth will get $200.

“We would be more than happy to have members from the Havre and surrounding communities to come and spectate and dance,” Whitford said. “Everybody is welcome.”

Whitford was unsure as to how many years the annual winter powwow has been held, but said it has been around as far back as he can remember, though it has not been as long as the summer powwow has been held.

This year’s summer powwow will be the 50th anniversary of the summer powwow.

The powwow will attract dancers from all around North America.

“We have people coming from Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Dakotas, New Mexico, Colorado, all over the place,” Whitford said.

Whitford said he could not estimate the number of people who attended last year’s winter powwow, but there were 350 to 400 dancers entered in the competition.

“This will be a good-sized powwow,” Whitford said. “A lot of talent will be coming to the Havre area, as far as singing and dancing goes.”

The grand entry starts at 7 p.m. today and there will be grand entries at 1 and 7 p.m. Saturday. Admission to spectators is free.

“Start off the new year in a good way with song, prayer and dance,” Whitford said. “Not just for our community, but for all around. A lot of our Havre neighbors haven’t experienced the powwows at Rocky Boy, so it will be good to share the culture with them. They can come enjoy themselves and experience something new.”


Reader Comments

yvonne writes:

I am not a complainer, I am just asking why have a big money pow wow now with the tribes current financial predicament? Receiving a check from plain green is not fundraising. Plain green money is suppose to go to the CCT people 100% as promised in many past press releases. A Big money pow wow is not a part of my culture.

Sammi writes:

I guess you're right when it does come to TRIBAL EVENTS that are sponsored by the Business Committee but this one was not. That was one of the points that were attempted to be made but I guess that blew right over their heads. Go figure complainers complaining about events they dont know anything about. shocker.

bill writes:

All Tribal members, including complainers, have a right to know the funding source for TRIBAL events, especially fund raising authorized by the business committee. Perhaps the new year can start beneficial by EVERYONE imploring the business committee to be more transparent in their financial transactions. Complaining would be reduced.

Sammi writes:

People who complain are the ones that sit around at home in front of the computer and not doing productive actions. Yeah you can complain all you want but it just makes you look like an idiot. This committee is far from the Business Committee you know the ones that select who gets employed. People need to stop with the negativity around here and MAYBE START DEVELOPING IDEAS THAT WOULD BENEFIT EVERYONE.

bill writes:

Don't ever give up your right to complain. THEY should also work EXTRA HARD to put all people back to work, not just a SELECT few.

Sammi writes:

Why is it when a group tries to do something good for the ENTIRE community, some one is always complaining. If you people followed previous articles about the event you would have seen that these individuals raised the money themselves, and yes they are your relatives as well, and they worked extra hard to get the funding for the event. In light of all the turmoil and the poor me antics, this group worked nonstop to put together an event that brought EVERYONE together. Stop complaining.

yvonne writes:

$800 dollars for for a dancer (non enrollee) to win or 1 month of temp work for a tribal member to earn, if you had to prioritize, where would you put the $800 dollars?

dixie writes:

I thought the tribe was so broke and here they are having powwows and giving turkeys away instead of trying to put people to work, How dumb! I sure cant wait for the next election


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