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By Tim Leeds 

Lafromboise pleads guilty to assaulting infant, murder charge to be dropped


January 21, 2014

A Rock Boy man pleaded guilty this morning to assaulting an 11-month old child on Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation Oct. 21, in a deal that includes dropping a murder charge stemming from the infant’s death.

Garrett “Kirby” Lafromboise, 21, pleaded guilty to sticking his fingers down the baby’s throat when he would not stop crying, and hitting the infant in abdomen.

Lafromboise and Cecilia Rose Gardipee were indicted Dec. 5 on charges of second degree murder or aiding and abetting in murder and assault resulting in bodily injury or aiding and abetting in assault.

The charges against Gardipee still are pending. Magistrate U.S. Judge Keith Strong Friday denied a motion to release Gardipee pending trial.

Without objection from Lafromboise, Assistant U.S. Attorney Danna Jackson said the state would not move to release Lafromboise pending sentencing, set for April 25.

While the federal government may not identify victims in a criminal case, using only the initials “K.S.” in the indictment and offer of proof, Kaidynce Small died on the reservation Oct. 21, less than two weeks before his first birthday.

Jackson said the state was prepared to prove that on Oct. 21, when Lafromboise became frustrated that the 11-month-old baby would not stop crying, he stuck his fingers down the infant’s throat to try to make it gag and stop, and then hit the baby in the abdomen.

Jackson said the baby died from injuries it sustained that day, including skull fractures, hemorrhages and bruising to the brain, hemorrhages to the child’s spinal cord, a broken nose, rib fractures, bruises and lacerations on the extremities and face and internal injuries.


Reader Comments

kippa writes:

Children, disabled and elderly...their lives aren't worth a tinker's darn when it comes to abuse! The person committing the crime always gets by with a minimal sentence...makes me sick! If we allowed those committing the crime to receive the same treatment they gave to the child, it would be a whole different story. Sure, drop the murder charge so he can do it over again to another child.

pleasemv writes:

Tears shed for a child to live this kind of life. The angels are holding him and showing him love. The ones that did this to a beautiful child may the spirit will follow and haunt you all the days of your lives.

russellhoulesr writes:

This a disgrace of the judicial system. They had a confession,why plea bargain. All the injuries sustained COULD NOT have come from a single punch to the stomach and by sticking his fingers down the child's throat. This baby suffered TERRIBLY before dying. It suffered far more then the accused claims. These individuals should suffer the SAME fate as the baby did.A slap on the wrist and saying dont do it again when your out,doesnt fly here. A grownup? Maybe. But not a defenseless baby.RJH sr.

MTmom writes:

Once again our public officials have failed their public. When will they begin doing the job they have been entrusted with?

Blue4u writes:

Was their anyone else in the home besides these two adults?

mtgirl writes:

To anonymous406 because it happened on the reservation it is a federal offense. Therefore Havre attorneys wouldn't have any say at all in this case. And since it is a federal case there is not an option of parole so they will most likely get more than a local drug dealer. Know your facts before you point fingers. I am not defending these people by any means. I believe they are a couple of sick individuals who committed a very disturbing act against an innocent child, karma will get them.

Ndn writes:

That is so heartbreaking, hope he remembers what he did every second, minute, hour n day he is alive... He is a sick person...

Kathy writes:

That poor innocent child. Such a horrific way to die. Shame on both of them. I hope justice is served here. Your punishment on this earth will not come close to what you will face when you stand before God.

anonomous406 writes:

And the DA in Havre drops the ball once more. Who offered this deal anyways? Hersch? Dahl? Justice will be served by a power higher than the courts.. Bodily harm leading to the death of a helpless infant warrants the same sentence as a drug dealer might get? Havre's attorneys will offer deals upon deals to keep charges out of going to trial. God forbid the county might spend a dime getting justice for a Native American infant. Shame you sheep allow your county to be represented by imbeciles.

Jkennedy writes:

dang how and why would someone beat the hell out of a defenseless baby? Why try to get out of jail sooner? How can they face their old stomping grounds now? Doesn't matter now, they are going to reap what they sow. Sad what's left of that little boys life is one broken hearted family and the other families-bitter and shamed.

chelynn writes:

How could the murder charge be dropped? He tortured that poor baby! The things he did and those injuries are inhumane!

Vgcole writes:

God speed to the Small family. I trust the Great Spirit will have made sure Baby Small had a good journey and is with the Ancestors. The suspect and his accomplice; your actions are a direct reflection of your inhumanity. I'm so sorry anyone would have to go through this, or cause this.

corinne writes:

I am completely disgusted! Everyone that was there should sit and rot in jail, they are all just as guilty!! My heart breaks for you Jasmine! Justice for K man!!

belknaplady writes:

How could someone do that to their own child. He has no heart at all.

Shame writes:

Again, the federal system has allowed this murder off on assault charges to an helpless infant. This baby was beaten to death, a slow death at that. There is no justice for this helpless child, as I've said, want to get away with murder, commit it on a reservation. Why was this murder allowed to get off with just assault. I don't understand it. He admitted to jamming his finger or fingers down his throat and hitting him in the stomach, but yet look at all the other inuries the baby substained

Tash writes:

Heartbreaking!! Justice for KS

kris writes:

that is just sick. rot in hell


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