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Don't complain too much, the streets could be worse


January 30, 2014

This is to the lady who was complaining about the first snow — that they weren't plowing the streets.

With only 4 inches of snow, why would you want to waste the time and money on plowing? Lady, back in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, they never plowed hardly at all. You just had to fend for yourself. Going down 3rd Avenue, the kids would say, “What’s that noise?” I told them that was the muffler and the frame dragging in the hard-packed snow. When I would go up the hill by the college, sometimes I would have the right tire in the gravel to make it home. And for sanding in the old days, two men would stand in the back of a dump truck full of sand and throw sand out onto the intersection with scoop shovels. Now, one man does it all from the inside of the truck.

I, myself, think that the city and county do a good job on the streets nowadays and, yes, the highway department, also.

So don't complain, lady. We could go back to the old days, then you would really have something to cry about.

Thank you for letting me say my piece of mind.

Don Beatty



Reader Comments

trylogic writes:

I just want to point out that Don Beatty makes a bad argument. Just because something could be worse, doesn't mean the original thing isn't worth having a problem with. Oh, you stubbed your toe? Well, some people break their legs, so stubbing your toe is therefor good. You see how BAD of an argument that is? Things can almost always be worse. Should we never have a problem with anything, then? I'm sure there must be something Betty doesn't like. Whatever it may be, it could probably be worse.

Grumpy writes:

Don, Pretty much the same streets still in Havre but with a much bigger tax base I believe a better job could be done keeping the streets a little less snowed in and not using that liquid junk to corrode the cars like it does. As far as the state goes, these snowplows running up and down the hiway when it snows a half inch or less is also a big joke. I see them heading out of town everyday doing nothing but burning up my fuel and collecting my money for wages and wearing out good equipment.


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