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Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, January 31, 2014


January 31, 2014

Laurel — A new emergency generator at Havre High School is up and ready to run when needed. The generator will keep power running during a crisis. There have been several emergencies in recent years. Twice, a giant swath of the Hi-Line was left without power when NorthWestern Energy’s system failed. Other times, there have been more localized problems. The disaster in the South this week has shown the need for emergency planning. There is a need for more emergency generators. Other schools need help and many public buildings could use such facilities, but Havre Public Schools has taken an important first step.

Dart — Two pit bulls in North Havre were shot and injured earlier this week. The dogs should not have been allowed to run free, but there are many solutions to the problems of free-roaming dogs short of shooting them.

Laurel — Jonathan Motl, Montana’s political practices commissioner, is continuing his effort to root out the influence of the shadowy group American Tradition Partnership in Montana politics. Several lawmakers are charged with being involved illegally with ATP, which, as an independent group, is not supposed to be coordinating its efforts with candidates. There is a legitimate debate over how much authority Motl should have. He’s asking district court to consider removing Republican Rep. Mike Miller from office for his activities with ATP, and there is a legitimate debate over whether anyone but voters should be allowed to boot a lawmaker out of office. But the general scope of his work has been in the best interest of Montana and its long history of fair, open elections. We hope he keeps up the good work.

Laurel — “Winter in the Blood” will be shown in Havre for the first time this weekend. The movie has a deep, solid theme that will resonate with people. But it will also be fun to see some parts of our area. Much of the movie was shot in Havre, Chinook and other parts of the Hi-Line.

Laurel — As part of the showing of “Winter in the Blood,” there will be a reception in the lobby of the old post office on 3rd Avenue. The owners, Dr. Marc Whitacre and Dr. Erica Farmer, bought the building when it was on its last legs. Lovers of historic landmarks feared the building would soon be beyond repair. The couple have been turning things around, and now the main lobby is ready to be shown again. Monday night’s reception will be a treat to people who want to see Havre’s rich historic buildings restored.


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