Trapping is necessary in Beaver Creek Park


February 3, 2014

This is for Renelle Braaten. She doesn't want any trapping at all.

I think they should kick you off the Park Board, myself. I remember when the Park Board had my son trap more than 200 beavers out of the park. One board member said he wanted him to trap them, all and he said no, he would not do that. It didn't take long and they were back, thick as ever.

She has no idea how much work and time is involved in trapping.

A friend of mine lost a lot of young lambs and ewes to coyotes. They even killed one of his dogs, but not before the dog killed three of them. If both dogs had been there, the other dog would most likely be here now.

And you want all trapping stopped. Would you want to pay him for 19 lambs and 50 ewes? I don't know what you do for a living, lady, and it is none of my business, but leave the trapping to the people who do it. And, for your information, my son checked his traps four times a week. You have no idea how much gas that it takes when you have 150 miles of trap line.

And, yes, lady, I have had my hand caught in a trap, and it only hurts for a minute or so. Do you know what it does to a trap when a deer or a calf or cow steps in a trap? It ruins it, believe me. I think that you should leave the trapping to Mr. Chad Edgar. He has seen first hand how much damage that is done.

My son uses conibear traps for beaver and foothold for coyote, fox, badger and bobcat. And you have no idea how much those traps cost. You always have someone stealing them, and also stealing your animals out of your traps. Even a game warden taking some traps. You can't trust anyone. As for dogs getting caught in traps, that is the dog owners' fault. There is a county leash law, so they should obey it.

Yes, Renelle, I could write two more pages on what you don't know about trapping and wildlife, but it would not do any good. You're like all the anti-trappers who don't know anything about trapping. What do you think the Native Americans did for food and clothing in the old days? They killed the bison, deer, elk and whatever for food and clothing, so you see, there was a need for killing wild animals for them to exist.

Thank you for letting me say my say about trapping.

Don Beatty



Reader Comments

Joe writes:

I hope you do better when you get old Jack

Jack writes:

I must say Don, your ramblings leave me speechless!


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