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Rocky Boy wins Graduation Matters award


February 6, 2014

Rocky Boy High School was presented with the Seventh Generation Award for its Graduation Matters program Tuesday.

The program was begun last year to focus on helping students not only graduate high school, but continue on to higher education, said Rocky Boy High School Principal Lewis Reese.

“We’re very serious in getting our kids to the highest level possible and not settling for mediocrity,” Reese said.

Rocky Boy High School had a graduating class of 33 last year and 85 percent of them went on to higher education, Reese said. The students went to a wide array of Montana colleges included Stone Child College, Montana State University and its branches in Billings and Havre, the University of Great Falls and others.

“We have a good representation of students around the state,” Reese said.

The award was presented by Sapphire Carter, who is a Rocky Boy graduate and an outstanding student at Carroll College in Helena, Reese said.

“She’s an excellent ambassador for what we’re trying to do,” Reese said. “She’s active in going out and putting Rocky Boy’s name out there.”

In a press release from Denise Juneau, Montana’s superintendent of public instruction, the award was given to Graduation Matters Rocky Boy “for their steady progress in improving graduation rates for American Indian students.”

Rocky Boy’s graduation rates rose from 52.5 to 66 percent in the last three years, the release says. College applications were submitted by 76 percent of this year’s seniors during College Application Week.

“Graduation Matters Rocky Boy has worked as a team to put advancement opportunities in place for the students,” the press release says. “The school district is raising the bar in the classroom and putting a heavy emphasis on financial literacy to prepare students for life after high school … . (GMRB) is a great example of taking on a significant challenge and doing the hard work and collaboration necessary to make the future brighter for the next generation.”


Reader Comments

Willy writes:

It takes more than just making your kids go to school. I just want to say great job to the teachers and staff at Rocky Boy. Keep up the great work. Hey you have to get to 60% before you get to 70% congratulations again.

USAborn00 writes:

Why can't they go without the negative comments and just be happy for them that their school is working toward helping their students succeed. I feel Rocky Boy Students are starting to show descipline and motivation, much more than previous years and i am Proud of them! Good job to the teachers and basically all staff who cares about their students future. Its not just Rocky Boy with low graduated rates. Happens all over. Glad to see them putting in this hard work and not giving up!

Rich writes:

66% graduation rate is awful, but much better the the 52% it was. Hopefully they can continue improving those numbers. Why is it so low?? Do parents of these kids not make them go to school??


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