Coach set great example at Lewistown with sportsmanship


February 17, 2014

Coach Dustin Kraske, what an example you set.

Listening to the wrap up of the basketball game our Blue Pony girls played in Lewistown Feb.8 was one of the most heartwarming broadcasts I have heard.

I hope someone taped the broadcast so you were able to hear the announcer's comments of the example you set, not just for your team but for our school, town, students, players, fans and other coaches as well.

No, your team did not win according to the scoreboard, and it was an upset, but the sportsmanship you displayed following the game made you a true winner. What an example you set. The announcer repeated three times the remarkable display of true sportsmanship you showed as you shook the hands of the opposing team following the game.

The announcer was so touched and impressed that he kept saying he had tears in his eyes after watching how much time you took with a couple Lewistown players while shaking their hands and congratulating them. You didn't just shake their hands but, he said, you also took an extra 10-15 seconds congratulating them and talking to them. I assume the players he was referring to were their seniors and, wow, what an example of true sportsmanship you showed.

Knowing you and watching you grow up, I know this was not for show, but you genuinely did this from your heart. What an example you set for everyone. You truly care about others and not just your team or students. I am sure you made anyone watching the game or listening to the broadcast proud.

The sportsmanship you displayed will make a lasting effect on your players as well, something that no words could ever do. Good job, Dustin — coach Kraske. We are proud of you and fortunate to have you working with our youth.

Betty Clark



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