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This is Radio Havre: The eclectic arrangement


February 26, 2014

Lindsay Brown

Jay Getten talks to daughter Isabelle Getten during their Tuesday evening radio show at Montana State University-Northern's KNMC college radio station.

Dan Pizzini has been playing music at KNMC off and on since 2001, when he was in the sixth grade.

He calls his show the "Eclectic Arrangement" and stays true to the title, playing a wide array of genres from old rhythm and blues to 90s grunge.

He began his on-air career at the radio after his brother's friend, who was the station manager at the time, introduced him to deejaying.

"My brother got me into great music," Pizzini said.

He began his show when the station was still in the Cowan Hall tower and had the technology to play 8-tracks and records. When the station was moved to its current location in the Student Union Building, the music mediums were digitized to bring the station into modern times, with modern deejays.

Pizzini said he used to play CDs for his shows, but has since moved to playing MP3s by hooking up his laptop or iPad to the station's soundboard.

He has had his current show since 2006 and said he will keep playing until he earns his degree in secondary education and industrial technology next year.

Pizzini said he does not receive many call-ins and it is difficult to gauge how many people are listening to his show. He added that he would have a better idea of how many people tuned in if KNMC was taken online and, he said, he would gain more listeners if it were.

"I know a lot of people who moved away from Havre but still want to listen," Pizzini said.

He said he is not sure if he would continue playing a radio show once he is finished with college. It depends on where he ends up.

"If I can still get on somewhere, I'd do it," Pizzini said.

Pizzini said the reasons he has been hosting radio shows for as long as he has are therapeutic in nature.

"You get out of your head," Pizzini said. "I love clashing different genres of music to make a story."

Pizzini's advice to those who may be interested in hosting a show is to "just do it."

"It's really simply," Pizzini said. "It's just plug in and play and talk every couple of songs."

For more on Pizzini's show, check out his Facebook page, "The Eclectic Arrangement" or tune in to his show on Tuesdays from 6 to 8 p.m.

Radio Velocity

The father and daughter deejay duo Jay and Isabelle Getten play pop-punk and alternative music every Tuesday from 8 to 10 p.m.

"It's a variety," Isabelle said. She added her favorite bands to play are groups like Blink-182, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Man Overboard.

"Everything pop-punk," Isabelle said.

"I'm kind of older, so I play a lot of older stuff," Jay said. He said he general plays bands like Sparta, Concrete Blonde, Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees and Soft Cell.

Jay said they alternate each hour and who starts the show every week to keep the show fresh and give each of them a chance to take control of the show's reins.

Isabelle was living with her mother in Salt Lake City before recently moving to Havre to live with her father.

"It's pretty cool," Jay said. "It's awesome to have a daughter you can hang out with like this and just play music."

Isabelle and Jay recently signed up to play on KNMC and hosted their fifth show Tuesday.

"We're still learning how to talk on the radio," Jay said. He and Isabelle also play MP3s for their show on their Zune. They are now adding an element to the show that takes the show to the next level of interactivity.

Jay and Isabelle have a Tumblr to go along with their show that they constantly update with photos and GIFs of the bands they are playing at the time and also publish their playlists. They currently do not have any followers from Havre, but hope people will catch onto it.

Jay said he enjoys deejaying and loves to share the experience with his daughter.

"Radio stations are becoming totally obsolete," Jay said. "It's cool to hold onto these things just for posterity's sake."

Lindsay Brown

Dan Pizzini deejays his Tuesday evening radio show at Montana State University-Northern's KNMC college radio station.

Jay said they have a lot of fun with their deejaying.

"We try to make it as fun as possible," Isabelle added.

Jay is pursuing his master's degree in counseling and graduates in May. Isabelle is a student at Havre High School.

Jay said, if he were to say anything to possible or current listeners, he would say "please listen to us, we would like some fans."

Radio Velocity plays every Tuesday from 8 to 10 p.m. Their radio show's Tumblr page is http://www.radiovelocitymt.tumblr.com.


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