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Feds: Tadios abusing system by firing lawyers


March 14, 2014

Federal prosecutors say Fawn Tadios, the former CEO of Rocky Boy Health Clinic, charged with stealing $50,000, is abusing her rights by constantly firing her lawyers.

Just the same, prosecutors have agreed to a hearing in federal court at Great Falls Tuesday on her latest request for a new attorney.

But prosecutors asked that Tadios be jailed if she complains about her new attorney.

Tadios, in papers filed with federal court, asked that a public defender be named to represent her.

She rejected suggestions that she represent herself, saying she was no match for federal attorneys.

“I am intimidated by this court and do not believe that I will receive a fair trial,” she said.

In response, prosecutors said Tadios had “abused the system with her repeated substitutions of counsel and tried the patience of her assigned attorneys, the Court and the United States.”

Tadios’ conduct “has tied the system in knots,” said Carl Rostad, assistant U.S. attorney for Montana.

Yet, court rulings have made it clear she is entitled to be represented in pretrial hearings and the trial, he said.

Rostad asked that the judge prohibit Tadios from making any kind of professional complaints against her new attorney. He said he thought the prohibition should be added to her conditions of release. Thus, if she violated the judge’s order, she could be arrested.

Tadios is charged with embezzling funds from the tribe, in part, so she could visit her husband, who was imprisoned for stealing money from the tribe.

A federal grand jury indicted Fawn Hahn Tadios on four felony charges stemming from allegations she stole more than $50,000 from the Chippewa Cree Tribe’s Health Board and clinic while she was chief executive officer.


Reader Comments

waybosstub50 writes:

Crazy, when an inexperience attorney has no clue on Civil Rights there will always be problems with good representation. Maybe some attorney will step in pro bono then she might get a half way decent trial. I understand in Montana it's hard to get help if your a women or people of color.

bookem writes:


shamefulacts writes:

This is so shameful. Fawn is not afraid of anyone or anything. She's been living in rocky boy too long to try and be coy now.

hmmmmm writes:

She wants a fair trial. It wasn't fair she took money that was not hers!

Chloe writes:

Fawn has a husband who could afford a lawyer for her, he is the director of the rocky boy transit who makes $35 per hour! fawn fess up to your wrong doings and quit wasting my tax dollars!!!

EagleII writes:

It's called a game, and it's played out in courtrooms everywhere on a regular basis. She knows exactly what she's doing and she's wasting our tax dollars doing it. Oh, a person accused of stealing money accused of wasting taxpayers money. Shocking.

suggestion4u writes:

Fawn could hire chance's attorney. chance got off without a scratch.

Cheaperz writes:

How can a former CEO not be able to afford a lawyer? Shouldn't take from the poor!!!

Huh writes:

Everyone is entitled to a fair trial to be judged by your peers. Everyone is entitled to a lawyer if you cannot afford one courts will appoint you one. Your lawyer should represent you to the best of their ability. Representing you does not mean Plea Bargaining and pleading guilty before a trial even starts especially if you think you have done no wrong and may be able to prove that in court in front of your peers. Standing up for your right is not abuse. But anyone denying your right is abuse.


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