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What lies below: Bullhook repairs have $3.5M pricetag

Bullhook needs $3.5 million in repairs


March 28, 2014

Caleb Hutchins

This map, using information from an inspection of the Bullhook drainage by Great West Engineering, shows areas of Bullhook that require repairs or maintenance, listed in order of priority.

Fifteen areas along or on top of Bullhook, which runs through the middle of Havre, need repair or replacement and could cost nearly $3.5 million to revitalize.

That is the finding of a preliminary engineering report, based on the the inspection of the Bullhook drainage, that will be up for discussion at a public meeting in early April.

Jeremiah Theys of Great West Engineering, the company that is conducting the engineering report, said the 15 areas have been prioritized from the areas that need the most work done the quickest to the projects that can wait longer.

Many of the issues these areas have involve exposed rebar and general corrosion of roads that were constructed over the creek.

The condition of Bullhook came to light on Oct. 4, when a 10-foot-by-4-foot segment of the 500 Block of 3rd Street near Taco Treat collapsed in the early morning hours. The pavement fell through to the creek, 10 feet below. The street remains blocked off.

That area is listed as priority 1, with an estimated cost of $338,000.

The largest section that will need to be replaced is a 10-foot-by-5-foot area near 4th Avenue that has exposed rebar in the ceiling above the creek and deterioration of the concrete.

According to a press release from the city of Havre and Great West Engineering, the city will apply for a grant from the Treasure State Endowment Program to fund some of the work that will be done to repair the worst problem areas along Bullhook.

Mayor Tim Solomon said there will be discussion on how best to pursue these repairs.

"We're looking at some financing to help address the concerns," Solomon said. "We'll have some public input on where we go next."

Solomon said Bear Paw Development Corp. is "already on board" to help the city pursue possibilities for financing and construction.

City Council decided to hire someone to conduct an engineering report after the 3rd Street cave-in in October.

There will be a public meeting where the final engineering report and solutions will be discussed.

"I encourage the voters to come put their input on what they'd like to see," Solomon said, "because it's going to be a burden on tax dollars."

Director of Public Works Dave Peterson said there is not an exact date on when the public meeting will be, but they are looking at the week of April 7.

The Havre Daily News will publish an update once the date has been set.


Reader Comments

Guesswho writes:

Everyone know that salt will eat cement over a period of a few years from sprinkling just a little on the sidewalk of their homes. So keep pouring the salt to the streets and that other corrosive liquid stuff like you have an unlimited supply of it. Everytime the sun goes behind a cloud that stuff is being spray or scattered on the streets and most of the time it is not needed. Just raise tobacco taxes and fix the streets, smokers are used to carrying the money problems for the state.


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