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Abolish trapping on public lands


March 31, 2014

Trappers are warped. They don't understand the meaning of compassion and seem not to care about the intense suffering they cause.

My dog, Dude, was caught in a steel leghold trap while on a much-deserved run in a Montana national forest. He was badly injured and I had to carry him nearly 3 miles to my vehicle.

Fortunately a vet saved the little guy's leg but he told me Dude was one of the lucky ones. Please help stop this barbaric practice by supporting the Trap-free Montana Initiative.

Sometimes heritage is wrong, and in this case it's often sheer torture. And by the way, it is perfectly legal to allow your pet to run unleashed on nearly all public land.

Tom Petrillo



Reader Comments

fred writes:

Abolish public lands instead. Problem solved.


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