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Don't prohibit ethical trapping


It seems like there is always some special interest group trying to impose their limited set of values on all the people of Montana.

As I write this, an animal activists group is attempting to ban trapping on nearly 30 million acres of public land.  I have been a trapper for over 50 years. I do everything I can to make sure my trapping is safe, effective, ethical, and targeted. I make sure my traps are well off trails used by others.

We need to be able to all share our public lands and put them to use for our individual interests. The trapping education course offered by the Montana Trapper Association teaches how to share the landscape with non-trappers. It does not seem like too much to ask for other folks to do the same in return. I do not try to force my sense of morals or beliefs onto others, and I believe folks should return the consideration.

I hope you will join me in opposing I-169 to ensure that I can pass on our Montana trapping heritage, just as previous generations did for me.

Robert Sheppard



Reader Comments

Bastiat writes:

When the government claims ownership of scarce resources (land in this case), conflict is inevitable. The solution is open all land to homesteading and thus REAL ownership. Those who use the land should be the ones who own it.

WildPassion writes:

Though some trappers may follow regulations the fact remains the practice causes intense pain and suffering to animals, both pets and wildlife alike. This is the year 2014, not 1814, and this type animal abuse needs to stop right now, plain and simple. Please go find another hobby that doesn't involve such cruelty.

Guesswho writes:

I too am a trapper and I see no reason to close public land to trapping. These that want to want it turned into their own private playground. Hunters and fisherman you need to unite with the Montana Trappers to fight against this initiative to stop trapping. If they succeed it won't be long and they will be trying to stop hunting and fishing also. We need trapping to keep predators in check or we will be over populated with them. Hunters and Fishermen, help us out here, you may be next.


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