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Benefit programs encourage people not to work


April 16, 2014

I recently read an article in your paper about increasing the minimum wage. I had to think about how and if this would impact the food stamp problem.

This is strictly my opinion, but here goes.

A lot of smaller businesses would close. A few of the bigger businesses would cut their staffing down. It is a given that prices would go up on everything. Those who already are making above the minimum would have little or no chance of getting an additional raise. Now we have a lot of what used to be middle class workers down to what will be the poverty level. The only one gaining will be the government who will be taxing you on your new income.

If employees who tell their bosses that they can't work more than a few hours a week were made to claim the hours they refused to work as income, it would cut down on food stamps and make these people step up and earn their own way.

I have a few employees who refuse hours because their benefits will be cut if they work.

Have employers fill out a form monthly on all welfare and food stamp recipients stating the number of hours refused. Add what they could have made to their income when figuring out the benefits they will receive. Adjust the benefits accordingly. This will force them to at least make an effort to earn a living. The government has made it too easy on these people while making things difficult for employers to find reliable help.

Pegi Rambo



Reader Comments

curtis writes:

sounds like you want to dictate peoples geographical survival tactics peg. some dont have the oppertunities you do for a lot of different reasons.your so bent on making that almighty dollar then take your own double shifts

exactly writes:

Hit the nail on the head! No point working when you get food stamps, Medicaid, Section 8, TANF, LIEAP, etc. I work full-time and barely break even, but someone I know refuses to work to be a stay-at-home-mom and they just got a brand new furnace and duct work. Must be nice! Thank you Government! I'm glad everyone else is benefitting from my husband and I working!!!

Slickyboyboo writes:

Spot on Pegi. Reminds me of Please don't feed the bears, they will become dependent on it and won't go out and find food on there own. These people that won't work are just plum lazy and these food banks aren't helping to break the cycle either.


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