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Thoughts on Rocky Boy corruption


April 18, 2014

Our kids have only one hope of escaping fear in their lives. That hope is what I call Teacher, we as a whole community.

The symbol of tough love education is: Don’t lean toward excuses, drugs and danger, but to lean toward health and happiness. But how can we strive to become better in our community unless we come together.

I am hoping that God answers my prayers for all the corruption happening in Rocky Boy. Can we get justice? How about forfeit all tribal money you stole, cars, trucks, houses, land and cattle. You sure in the heck didn’t work for it. You took from the poor.

I never intended to come at you all so bluntly. Some families are homeless or live with other people. As for me and my big family, we have multiplied to squeeze in our homes. I know I sound like a broken record, and you think I should just quit writing, but I can’t. Who else is going to speak for me and my family, mom, dad, brothers and sisters, including my parents 40 grandchildren? I know you are thinking in the back of your minds, “We are not responsible for people not having homes, jobs and such.” Yes, you are because you promised so many lives and allowed drugs on the reservation to destroy innocent lives. This is how some of the council got in. We have drug dealers running this place with meth. Did you see what you caused? Now we have zombie-like people neglecting children.

And, Mr. Kelleher, I wasn’t surprised Tony Belcourt got beaten out by the other primary candidate by three votes. Referring to your column in April 7, “A little good from a bad situation.”

I was glad he was defeated. I went to school with this fella, and it wasn’t pleasant. He tormented me by name-calling, bullying, about how poor I was and that my dad made a living by selling his paintings so we could eat. I was just a young kid. How could you be so cruel and hateful? I couldn't resist, he made me so upset I punched him. Luckily, he was saved that day.

We want to be saved, too. I really appreciate all the people in Parker Canyon, Parker Schoolers and other members of our community. Thank you for your support.

And a big thank you to all the Rocky Boy teachers for donating to our local food banks so poor children don’t go hungry. Thank you,

Jolene Standing Rock

Rocky Boy


Reader Comments

desmond writes:

Corruption is everywhere.

Harmonic writes:

I hope everyone can figure it out, i'm not a parent right now and can't wait for the time that I am, but even I have figured it out it's not about me. It's about the kids, and their future, I had my time now I can only hope that the adults will stop being selfish and making things about them. If that would happen, this world itself would be a better place.

12345w writes:

Just yesterday my baby was playing in the village and she came in side holding in her hand was a needle! Thank god the top was on and she showed me, but I was so mad for it getting this bad where the throw them needles anywhere. I sure hope they go threw and move cops in all of the villages.

hmmmmm writes:

I started out by being negative but thought change starts within. We need to come together and stop judging each other. We need to change our way of thinking. At ball games I hear fans yelling at BE players and RB players. We need to stop, our kids are hearing this and learning from us as adults. They are just young people. We are all from the same families. We need to pull together so we can fight all this corruption on the rez. Parents are our children's first teachers. Kudos to all teachers!

toomanyzombies writes:

Yep there sure is a lot of hand shaking & whispering going on in rocky boy. Some of the people are looking pretty boney and zombie like.

Disgusted writes:

Wow, good article. Someone needed to say it and thank you for having the courage to say something. I think you point out a lot about ethics, especially of Tony the Tigger. You can tell he had an excellent upbringing by teasing and laughing at you because your dad sold paintings. Does he know or his parents know how talented your dad is, obviously they are by far trailor trash underneath all the fancy clothes that stolen money has bought. I agree confiscate!! C'mon leaders speak up!!

overthehiller writes:

Don't Forget...Box Elder is part of the community also.


Thank you for saying what others fear to say. You speak words of truth. It would be amazing if the members would unite and banish drug dealers from our land and demand accountability from our leaders.


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