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Rocky Boy needs a new generation of leaders


April 21, 2014

It's a disgrace to hear all about the fraud on the rez. It was a wonderful thing to receive all of that money for the water projects. The tribe has come a very long way. I remember when I/we used to haul water. My brother Duncan was more like my parent to me, and he still is, as I turn to him to listen to my woes.

He used to be a tribal council member at Rocky Boy. I recall when the tribe was awarded millions to start up a judicial system on the rez. That's even coming further in life.

It's also understandable when someone has been broke for many years then suddenly come into large amounts of cash to lose themselves a bit. They go shopping. But in the end, you have to put it back somehow to get it covered. It’s like rags to riches. But this affected an entire community.

The community shouldn't have to pay for one's greed. We are all in the same boat. It's called choices and how we make them.  

Forgiveness comes much later. For all those involved in this fraudulent scandal must be replaced by a younger, smarter, educated, motivated, ambitious group of people to take charge where our elderly messed up. Unraveling this process will take time and money.

Surprisingly, a paper trail was left. A clumsy criminal leaving fingerprints behind. Still someone had to answer for it all. It's publicly displayed as a disgrace.

Materialistic, but in the end, you can't even take it with you. We always wish and desire for the best but not this way. It doesn't feel good if you don't work hard for it. Hard work is good and the tribe did so for many years to earn such an opportunity to be handed to them/us. Now, I feel let down and a bit ashamed. Having a home, good health, family life, kids/grandkids, a good job, that's all good. That alone is priceless.

Talk about another recession to regroup from. The recession alone was a difficult task for the United States to deal with. Does the tribe now need a new tribal chairman? Perhaps, a tribal chairwoman should step up and do it right. To whomever it will be, I say "You go girl." I will get out the vote for her and register people to vote. Also, allow the wandering urban Natives to vote for someone new. Looks like a "get out the campaign drive" has started now.

Ruby Well-Off-Man



Reader Comments

kisser writes:

yes we do, and besides why did they do away with Salazar and their are outrageous salaries, they should try TANF for 200 to 300 a month and budget that! I did. Step down already.

frankieH writes:

The last sentence should read....we have had councilBOYS in office too long with NO results. They are incredibly ineffective.

frankieH writes:

I found it difficult to follow your letter. It was a bit rambling and self important. I do agree that a new council is long overdue. Term limits must be set and adhered to. We are getting too many professional politicians and that needs to come to an end. We have councilboys that have been in office with results for much too long.

Richy writes:

Get rid of ALL INCUMBENTS because of the Salazar debacle, gross negligence in the safeguarding of tribal funds, and theft of the chairmanship. Move forward with constitution revisions that include no felons involving theft or drugs, term limits, a true independent court and election board, and published monthly financials of all tribal programs and enterprises. And reduce that wasteful and greedy salary that exceeds the average tenured and tenure-track faculty salary at our universities.


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