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Hi-Line Athlete Profile: Sydne Huston, Havre Softball

Huston anchors the HHS infield


April 24, 2014

Eric Seidle

Havre High's Sydney Huston has been playing second base for the Blue Ponies for the last three seasons. But she's been playing competitive fastpitch softball for much longer than that.

Sydne Huston has put in a lot of work on the softball diamond over the years, and it is that effort that has resulted in Huston being an intrigal part of the Havre High softball program.

Playing since roughly the age of six, and growing up in Havre’s youth softball program, Huston has played the last three years on the Central A Blue Pony softball team. Huston also played her freshman year, but spent most of the time with the freshman and junior varsity squads. Near the end of her first season with the Ponies, Huston earned solid varsity innings, turning those reps into a full time varsity gig moving forward.

Huston has turned into a quality second baseman, where she has spent all of her time as a Pony.

But when Huston wasn’t putting all of her attention and efforts into softball, she also dabbled in a couple other HHS activities over the years. As a sophomore she participated in the Havre High Choir program. And as a sophomore and a junior, Huston also ran cross country for the Blue Ponies. And while it is safe to say that softball was Huston’s main focus over the years, she is prepared to focus on something else for a while after this season concludes.

Huston is already making plans to attend Montana State University-Northern next year and is looking to graduate from the nursing program.

Huston sat down and answered five questions with the Havre Daily News.

HDN: What is your favorite pitch to hit, and why?

Huston: “I like anything close basically, especially if I have two strikes. If the pitch is anywhere close (to the strike zone) you want to swing so that you don’t strike out standing there.”

HDN: Does this team have what it takes to get to state this year, and do you think the divisional tournament will help?

Huston: “I think it does help us, because without divisionals, it was my sophomore year that a coin flip kept us out of state. I think the tournament helps a lot, and now we have a really good shot at getting back to state. We just have to play well and reduce the errors that we have been having, then we will have a pretty good chance.”

HDN: Now that you are a senior, do you see softball being a part of your future?

Huston: “Yeah, I think that I could see myself coaching maybe. I would like to help with little kids at first, and hopefully move up from there.”

HDN: Is it ever intimidating or nerve-racking having to field line drives in the infield?

Huston: “Sometimes. But when you think too much about that happening, and then a ball is hit at you softer than you thought it was going to be, you risk committing an error. I just try not to think about it, just put it out of my head. If the ball comes to me, it comes to me and I just have to do whatever I can to make the play.”

HDN: Who has it harder, infielders or outfielders?

Huston: “That is a hard one, it could go both ways. If you are in the outfield and it is really windy, it is hard to know where the ball is going to go. And in the infield, sometimes it can go right to you or up the middle or away from you.


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