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Former Gov. Racicot should have stood up for Barry Beach


I am extremely disappointed that Mark Racicot lacked the courage to attend the review of Barry Beach's clemency application, instead, choosing to deliver his message to the board hours later. I was disappointed but not surprised. This is just another example of the sneaky way he conducts himself.

Had he been there, he would have heard many people speak quite eloquently about the reasons they feel Barry deserves clemency. They were heartfelt and practical. These are people who did not know Barry prior to his being released from prison. All have come to see him as a valuable asset to their community. They want him back. People with nothing to gain personally spoke up to attest to the injustice of keeping a man in prison who has proven he can be a success and positive influence where ever he is.

I doubt there has ever been a prisoner anywhere with all the support and opportunities for successful transition to freedom as are available for Barry. Had he been there, maybe Racicot's heart could have been opened to feel compassion, and he would have stopped this vendetta against Barry Beach. What else can it be? Since July, 2004, 68 people who were convicted of deliberate homicide in Montana have been paroled. After 31 years imprisonment why not Barry Beach?

Jude Mahlum

Great Falls


Reader Comments

Slickyboyboo writes:

I also feel Racicot should have no say in the Barry Beach deal. He had his say when Barry was convicted and that should have been the end of Racicot's opinions on the matter. Beach did his time and now it is time for him to get a life, let the man go free he earned it. Racicot stay out of it.

Drewtazy writes:

It is troubling that Racicot insists on interjecting himself where Barry Beach is concerned. At a deep level he knows he cheated to get this conviction in the first place. Mentioning evidence in opening and closing arguments that he NEVER produced. This today is called prosecutorial misconduct and constitutes a mistrial. I wonder how the rest of his cases would stand up under scrutiny . Barry Beach deserves his freedom. He has proven himself to be the man Racicot can never be. Free Barry Beach !


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