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Problems at veterans hospitals are disgusting


I and other local veterans are really disgusted with the reported action by the Department of Veterans Affairs in Arizona where, according to TV reports, the VA has had possibly up to some-40 veterans die awaiting medical treatment at the VA medical treatment place.

If these reports are correct, this is no way to treat people who are giving so much for our country. In my opinion, I hope they didn't get a bonus for doing an "outstanding" job.

I worked as a teacher for many years for the taxpayers and I did not ever get a bonus, but some federal employees get a bonus when their bosses think it's OK. Of course, it's not real money, it's our tax money. If the president was to do this "just by his pen," he would stop all bonus payments right away now that we are in debt over $17 trillion.

In Havre, we are still waiting for a VA doctor to replace Dr. Henderson who left some time ago. We elect three people to Congress and now we have another election coming up. I would suggest we vote for a woman or man who will pass a fund that will pay a "raised" pay for a doctor, who can practice at the Havre hospital. Veterans need a doctor now rather than drive away for many miles. Yes, we have two women running for Congress now.

Don Mahlum



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