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Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, June 30, 2014


Laurel — The United Way of Hill County will hold its Day of Action Saturday. At noon and again at 2 p.m., they are asking volunteers to come to Van Orsdel United Methodist Church to help package food — macaroni and cheese and beans and rice — to be distributed to churches, social agencies and the Havre Food Bank. More people are in need of healthy food these days. The economy may be getting better, but some folks are losing their jobs or having their hours cut. The food being prepared on Saturday will be helpful to these folks.

Dart — We always thought that the Montana Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court were the groups whose duty it was to declare laws unconstitutional. Nope. It seems that the Montana Public Service Commission has that authority. Commissioner Roger Koopman came up with the idea of hiring an attorney to fight the proposed environmental regulations that President Barack Obama has proposed with an eye toward preserving the planet for future generations. Fellow commissioners scoffed at the idea of an attorney, but Koopman said he still believes the commission does not have to comply with laws members think are unconstitutional.

Laurel — Norm Gorder has served Havre in dozens of ways over the years, volunteering for all kinds of community groups. For 20 years, he has given his time to the Havre Area Chamber of Commerce. Wednesday, he celebrated his 95th birthday. Chamber members spoke for all of the community in wishing him a happy birthday. Thanks, Norm. We appreciate your work.

Dart — Gov. Brian Schweitzer will go down in history as one of Montana’s best governors. But he certainly has foot-in-mouth disease. In a discussion with a reporter from National Journal, Schweitzer, without any prompting, started speculating on Rep. Eric Cantor’s sexuality, suggesting that there was a better-than-even chance he was gay, That, of course, has nothing to do with his performance in Congress and nothing to do with his defeat in the Republican primary last week. Schweitzer ought to be ashamed of himself. In his apology, he said he was.


Reader Comments

JKelleherHDN writes:

Editorials are the opinion of the newspaper as a whole. Policy is decided by the editorial board and the column is generally but not always written by the managing editor. This is the policy at virtually every newspaper. In this case, I was the weasel who wrote this editor. John Kelleher, Havre Daily News jkelleher@havredailynews.com 406-265-6795 ext. 17 406-390-0798


Find it Amazing that anyone who want to put in an opinion at this paper has to Sign their name and take credit for their opinion Except the Weasle that Writes this section

fyi writes:

FYI President Obama's new environmental regulations are designed not to save the planet as you say but rather to drive up the cost of energy so his Muslim kin folk can become even wealthier. So I give a dart to your editorial writers and a laurel to Koopman


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