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By Tim Leeds 

Tadios guilty on all charges in Rocky Boy embezzlement


GREAT FALLS — A federal court jury today convicted the former head of Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation’s health care system after a two-day trial in Great Falls.

The jury convicted Fawn Tadios of three counts charging her with using funds the fedearl government appropriated to the Chippewa Cree Tribe’s health care system to visit her husband, Raymond “Jake” Parker, while he was serving a sentence in federal prison in South Dakota.

Parker pleaded guilty in 2011 to charging purchases and cash advances on a tribal credit card for personal use.

U.S. District Court Judge Brian Morris released Tadios on conditions set for her release while awaiting trial pending sentencing, ordering her to contact a federal probation officer to begin a presentence investigation.

Morris set sentencing for Oct. 9.

The jury convicted Tadios of theft from an Indian tribal government receiving federal grants, theft from an Indian tribal organization and theft from a health care facility.


Reader Comments

aimprez59521 writes:

Why do you have to steal when you are already getting over a 100 grand a yr and those who are sick and starving have to go without medical or food?

BiggerPicture writes:

If you stop the funding for the reservation how would the families on tanf or other government funded programs make it through? Jobs are scarce in RB and most people don't have a ride or gas to make it into havre to find a job.the rez is messed up you shouldn't hold everyone else accountable for what these people did to the tribe it's not our faults they decided to line their pockets. If you were to stop the funding there would be a lot of ppl out of homes, without food or lights think about it

justwondering writes:

I don't condone stealing but I can't figure out why there are three separate charges. Seems like she was charged three times for the same crime. Can someone that REALLY KNOWS, explain this to me?

DonnieSue writes:

To Rich, The tribes are not only the ones ripping of the federal government There are all the Foreign countries that get free money from the US. As well as immigrants from all over the world, I am an enrolled member of the CCT, I pay a lot of taxes as well as I make over 100 K a year. However if you look at the big picture the people helping the embezzlement are not enrolled in ANY reservation Huston, Eastlick, Leichners and Hayley Belcourt.Do you have an answer for that?

Rich writes:

The one and only way to stop the theift on the reservation is for our federel government to stop the funding. How long must taxpayers fund reservations? When will the debt be paid off? I dont believe they would steal from their own tribe/neighbors/people because they respect their heritage and traditions. However reservations have no respect for our federel government/taxpayers.

Billyboy writes:

Now if the Judge will just make an example of her and those other thieves soon to be in court for embezzling and bribery, such as Huston, Eastlick, Houle just to name a few. They all need some time behind bars so others wont try such things.

moneytalks writes:

Hopefully the members of the tribe will see that crime does not pay and start being more responsible in who is put in charge of federal monies. A fool proof way of dispersal of funds is greatly needed so the intended help is used in the right way. Checks and Balances is needed rather than the dictatorial system put in place by those currently serving on the council. The current system encourages fraud by putting all federal monies in a huge tribal slush fund. Monthly statements of Federal funs

frankieH writes:

Judge Morris now you must dispense real justice and sentence the embezzler/thief to prison; to do any less will send the wrong message. Tadios betrayed a trust that is especially egregious because she was entrusted with the well being of our tribe and she blatantly used her position to enhance her own life.


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