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Supports efforts to make abuses at Northern public


I am writing to thank the Havre Daily News for taking legal action to make public the allegation of human rights abuses at Montana State University-Northern.

The taxpayers of Montana fund the public university system, and we have the right to know what is happening in our public universities.

I have had concerns for some time now that the commissioner of higher education and the Board of Regents seem to sweep serious problems in our universities under the rug. Why are the hard-working taxpayers of Montana being forced to legally defend the bad behavior of some university administrators?

Indeed, here at MSU-Northern, there is a history of administrative abuse which results in the taxpayers having to foot the bill defending unprofessional behavior on the part of said administrators.

A democracy cannot thrive on secrecy. The function of a university is to bring issues, including the misbehaver of its leadership, into the light of day.

I am pleased that the Havre Daily News understands and fights for these ideals.

Carol J. Ortman



Reader Comments

amazed writes:

I was always told of the good people who populated Havre, of the decent folk who cared for their neighbor and extended a hand in times of need. Unfortunately, I have seen very little of this. But I've seen an excessive amount of indifference to injustice, ignorance and plain cruelty espoused by the very folks who claim to be so pious. The employees at Northern were subject to horrible abuses at the hands of Templeton. And yet all I hear are people yapping about a mere pittance of money. Pathetic

Boy writes:

In addition it is good to know about the tax payers dollars being wasted by lawsuits such as this. Sexual harassment? Give me a break, it more about wanting that big payday at the expense of this women's professional reputation. Also, it does make good tabloid type reading AND it does sell newspapers...


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