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Our View: Meanwhile, lots of work is being done at Rocky Boy


Another person has been convicted in the widening scandal at Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation.

And two more Rocky Boy public officials have been charged with felonies.

The scandal has taken its toll on morale at the reservation. Many people are upset that money that was supposed to be directed for pure water, health care and many other necessary services has been diverted to people’s pockets.

The reasons for the thefts are many and complex.

Many folks on and off the reservation are wondering if everyone in Rocky Boy government is dishonest, if the entire operation crooked.

The answer to that question is not complex. It’s rather simple.


One of the defenses offered by former health clinic director Fawn Tadios, who was convicted of embezzlement last week, was that at Rocky Boy, such thefts were commonplace. In other words, it’s OK, everybody does it.

We beg to differ.

All over the reservation are people who day in and day out work hard to provide services to the reservation that is desperately in need of services.

Tribal employees are striving against the odds with insufficient funds to educate young people, fight the drug epidemic and provide health services to infants. These people work out of the limelight, which is just how they like it.

The Chippewa Cree Housing Authority, tasked with the important job of improving the housing stock on the reservation, is revamping its procedures to ensure that all is in order with its finances.

Perhaps the worst effect of the outbreak of scandals is the doubt people have about the hard work of so many lower-level workers in the tribal government. It’s important for people to realize that the everyday work on the reservation is moving forward despite the wrongdoing of some of the reservation leaders.


Reader Comments

Kev writes:

Christina I understand the operations of the reservation just fine. Its pretty easy to type it into google and find out just about anything you want to know about the functionality of reservations in the state of Montana. I know you SELF GOVERN and are a soverrign nation under your own laws how is that working out?? I see they were quick to offer Mr. Parker another job to head up the transit. So if you want a good job Christina you better embezzle some money your self government praises that

Christina writes:

Kev, You obviously do not know how Rocky Boy operates. Your opinion is just another stereotype. The government doesn't just hand us money NOR does the government come in and build homes when one is broken down. There is a HUGE housing shortage on my reservation and it is hard to find to find a home. Rocky Boy is a SELF GOVERNED tribe which means we write grants the government doesn't just hand us money we work for them. Some bad seeds make the rest of us look bad.

Kev writes:

Best case for the reservation would be for government funding to stop. The reservation has become to dependent on federal funds. Life of the reservation has functioned much better than a life of subsides by the government. I noticed a newer house on the reservation was chopped into pieces, I asked why? The man I was with said because someone needed firewood honestly no joke. The person who cut up the house said not to worry they will come in and build another one. They need to self sustain.

ThereIsHope writes:

There are still many good folks at Rocky Boy that represent the silent majority. Many moral people were thrown under the bus; either for speaking up or not going along with those in power. Be silent no more, if you can. Right now there is a big ceremony on the Reservation. Sponsored by the one that got indicted; ran by another seeking re-election. Rather than worrying about themselves, they should be worrying about whether or not we lose this Reservation. Do not give up there is hope.


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