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By Rick Dow 

Replace Ragnar, maintain political correctness


Last updated 7/3/2014 at 2:18pm

The owners of the Vikings must face the paternalism and audacity of "White Privilege" that the mascot, Ragnar, projects. In this age of raising awareness and promoting diversity how can the Vikings in good conscious retain Ragnar as their mascot, nay our mascot?!

Ragnar was part of a marauding band of conquerors who used force rather than conflict resolution to settle differences with others. War is not the answer, need I say more? His flimsy helmet with its horns made from a slain animal could not have protected him and his comrades adequately enough from the risks of concussions. Ragnar was married three times and not one of those marriages was to another man. Lastly and most obvious of all is his white skin and blonde hair, hardly a promotion of diversity.

The future belongs to fighting global warming. Houston had the outdated and dirty mascot the Oilers; we should instead be the Minnesota Windmills. A windmill on top of a biodiesel  plant with a rainbow in the background would be more acceptable. The most important message that we must teach to the youth of today is how virtuous it is to conform to the fascistic dictates of political correctness … .

Rick Dow

Rochester, Minn.

(Rick Dow is a former Havre city councilman.)


Reader Comments(5)

Ted writes:

Dem Minnesota winters are pretty cold dats why he don't think straight. And den you know he spent several winters wid us in havre, darn good thing he has Obamacare to fix him up. Attaboy rick!!

wimp writes:

from far away, off in some obscurity where he belongs, Mr. Dow continues to plague us with his opinions. If Dow admits that oil is a dirty business he can back it up by not driving his car or using any oil based products. However, since the sarcasm is easy to spot from his second grade account, perhaps he can go to a basketball game in ft. Belknap and discuss the true meaning of his opinion with folks there, MAN TO MAN. he won't, he was here, he did not man up, coward.

Godzilla writes:

This guy don't know about the Vikings. Skol Vikes 2015 Super Bowl Champs!!

Despoticpeon writes:

I am genuinely concerned for this man's mental health.

2smart4u writes:

Rick, please go to your nearest grocery store there in Minnesota and buy yourself some more tinfoil. You need a new hat. The one you are wearing is too tight. Please go away and stay away!


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