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Armed robbery suspect arrested


Officers arrested a suspect in connection to the armed robbery of a Havre pharmacy Monday.

Arlene Dawn Morsette, 30, has been arrested in connection to the robbery on charges of armed robbery, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession with intent to distribute and assault with a deadly weapon.

Acting Police Chief Gabe Matosich said this morning there will likely be more charges as the investigation is completed: tampering with evidence and use of property subject to forfeiture.

Morsette was taken into custody around 3 p.m. Tuesday and was taken to the Hill County Detention Center.

Officers were called to Western Drug at 12:59 p.m. Monday to respond to a report that they had just been robbed of money and drugs by a 5-foot slender woman wearing a green hoodie and a red bandana across the lower portion of her face.

The suspect escaped officers in a 2000-model green or blue minivan.

A samaritan said he was behind two vehicles matching the description at a Havre intersection and chose to follow one.

When officers initiated a felony stop on the tracked vehicle, they found it was not the one they were looking for.

Officers are still unsure of how much money and drugs were taken from the pharmacy.


Reader Comments

BEV writes:

Bro, no i would have probably had a heart attack, and the Samaritan would have felt bad (I hope). To bad violence is the first thing that enters your mind.

what writes:

BROCKSTAR5000 are you kidding me. First the Pharmacy has to call 911. And it could be that the police were on the other side of town dealing with the drunk or family dispute. It also says a police officer WAS right there it just happened to be a similar vehicle but wrong person!! There is the act then reaction time. The police caught her pretty fast. I say they did really great. Whats your job?

Brockstar5000 writes:

I find it ironic that this lady had enough time to rob the pharmacy and get away. While the police station is only 2 blocks away! What's wrong with that picture?

Bro writes:

Bev-at least the good Samaritan attempted to help. Im sure they didnt mean to make a mistake. What would you have done if it would have been you? Im guessing violence? Got something to hide?

Bev writes:

Way to go good Samaritan. Your lucky it wasn't me you falsely accused. Imagine what that driver had to go through.

Kev writes:

Go figure surprise surprise...hope she has a nice long long stay in 10X12 cell. Im sure the employees at Western Drug were pretty rattled by lady waving a gun requesting drugs and money.


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