By Tim Leeds 

Colliflower indicted

More not guilty pleas entered in Rocky Boy scandal


The name of another Rocky Boy resident — and some returning names — are in a series of federal embezzlement indictments unsealed Thursday in federal court in Great Falls.

They include:

• Wade Colliflower pleaded not guilty to three counts in each of two indictments unsealed Thursday. Tribal council member John “Chance” Houle pleaded not guilty June 24 to nine charges he faces in the two cases.

• Mark Leischner of Laurel, also appeared in court to face five charges in one of the cases.

Leischner’s attorney was not present, and U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith Strong entered not...

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Reader Comments

jimbo writes:

wildchild.....are you serious? the council is to BLAME for everything. They are paid a great deal of money to watch our money. Where were they when the thieves were looting the tribal coffers? Every one of them should be impeached. They are an embarrassment to themselves as well as the people of Rocky Boy.

forthetruth writes:

What a shame; we hope the judge makes an example of this bunch and sends them all to federal for what they are accused of doing to their own people. Rocky Boy Rodeo was rocking for a few years, now we know why?

thetruth writes:

@wildchild; The Council's main job is to watch OUR money. Wade and the other thieves in a way colluded with the council. Their fiduciary duty is to the people and to allow Wade Colliflower or others to steal is a dereliction of duty. WE MUST REMOVE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. They have failed miserably as our leaders--and I use that term loosely.

aimprez59521 writes:

And a lot of you out here in Rocky Boy also thought The radio show that ran for 2 1/2 yrs in Havre was a lot of hot air.Now where are these people who were saying that to me or online,at now? Those of you who did say negative things are no longer in a position to say those things now. It is what it is and what I always said it was. I dont lie. I am a pipe carrier. Yu dont see any of these crooks being that,albeit, they tried to use and hide behind the Creator. It dont work like that people.

wildchild writes:

Its to bad that when anything goes wrong with the tribe the council gets blamed. Wade knew what he was doing. So why blame the council? With what wade did had nothing to do with the council

mistake writes:

Mistakes were made.

frankieh writes:

The arrogance of these people is astounding. Wade always insisted that the rodeo was self sustaining. WHERE WAS THE COUNCIL WHEN THIS WAS GOING ON?

fedup writes:

With the current Government at Rocky Boy felons are treated like war vets and given good jobs, houses, etc. So several are trying to improve their status with the Tribe. Maybe things will change with a new government and chance sitting back in prison. The Business Committee is real pathic and weak, chance and tony should be gone and further punishment coming from the Tribe with the land they hold and other property they bought with stolen Tribal money.

alfredosto writes:

The more you steal the less time you get i bet the all get suspended sentances

Kev writes:

Another?? No way who would have ever thought.... Wonder it will be next month??

Facts writes:

I don't believe he is on the business committee is he?


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