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Samson resigns as Northern football coach


August 13, 2014

Samson resigns as Northern football coach

Montana State University-Northern's head football coach Mark Samson has resigned.

The resignation was announced in a press release from the college administration Wednesday night.

There was no indication in the press release as to what prompted the resignation. Samson was placed on administrative leave on Monday. College officials would not comment on the leave.

Jake Eldridge, the defensive coordinator under Samson, will serve as interim coach for the coming season. A nationwide search will be conducted for a permanent replacement.

Samson compiled a 45-60 record during his 10-year tenure.

In the press release, Northern Athletic Director Christian Oberquell thanked Samson for his service. Samson was quoted as thanking players and fans who have supported the team over the past decade.


Reader Comments

Alumn writes:

The ruining of the University has been in the works for years. Waded Cruzado has made Limbaugh her puppet all is orchestrated through her. Her One University System is crap her line for everything. Its too bad the man is so controlled.Thought for the day, get rid of Waded, then get rid of Limbaugh and maybe this community could save our University, the jewel of the North. Because right now its on the copping block. We need to remember how many other employees have been fired, and gone un-noticed

Hiliner writes:

I feel for Coach Sampson, his assistants, and players. My concern now, is this the start of the current administrations plan to eliminate football at Northern. The dismissal of a strong coach, loss of programs to attract athletes, and just lack of over all commitment lead me to be concerned. Time to take a strong look at where MSU-N is going! Not a pretty picture!

Bogus1 writes:

Not living in Havre, it is wonderful to see that community rally around Coach Samson. He is a stand up guy! Never in his career has his character been questioned. His resignation comes as no surprise, as it was apparent (even as a non-resident) the Chancellor was looking for a reason to oust him. Malicious and petty... To that- I say karma Mr. Chancellor. It is a shame for the program and MSUN. A definite loss for the players and fans. But kudos to Coach for taking the high road. Go LIGHTS!!

Hdhuntr writes:

The head hunter did it again. How many faithful, loyal and dedicated northern employees have been lost. The chancellor has almost finished his job. Retirement will be just around the corner. Maybe he will be a Coyote fan if Crusato is still calling the shots.

northernfan writes:

This is a sad day for Havre, for MSU-Northern, and for the Northern Football program. You have crucified a stand up gentleman. Forgive them, they know not what they have done.

Bill writes:

Coach Samson is a great man and human being, wish I could say the same for the Chancellor. The Chancellor is the one who needs to resign. He is going to kill OUR university!


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