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By Tim Leeds 

Belcourt sentenced to 7.5 years, wife to two months


August 14, 2014

A former state and tribal elected official was sentenced to 7½ years in federal prison and ordered to pay$667,183 in restitution for his role in a fraud, bribery and embezzlement scheme at Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation.

Tony Belcourt also was ordered to spend 3 years on supervised release following his release from federal prison.

His wife, Hailey Belcourt, was sentenced in a relatively short session following her husband’s 3½ hour hearing.

U.S. District Judge Brian Morris sentenced Belcourt to 2 months in prison followed by three years supervised release and ordered her to pay $156,183 in restitution.

Morris ordered both Tony and Hailey Belcourt released to turn themselves in to start their prison sentences.


Reader Comments

CCTribalmember writes:

The one I feel sorry for is their child/children. I don't like to hear ppl say They took this and that from US.. All these druggies and hurters are doing the same thing to each other. I am not supporting what these two did at all...they did get what they had coming to them for the stupid selfish things they've done., Our own ppl are just as bad. Stealing from their parents, children and grandparents for drugs/pills is disgusting as well. JS

DonnieSue writes:

Nothing sad about Tony and Hayley STEALING money from the people of the CCT. Unfortunately Hayley is not getting the sentence she deserves, I know of women who did time for their crime much longer than she will. IT IS SAD, There are young people on the reservation going to prison for longer periods then that and from lesser crimes, We will never see this money returned, My prayers is that all of the home, cattle, property will be confiscated and returned to the tribe. Fat chance that happening.

1RedGuy writes:

LOL, should of been mimimum of 20 for both and all property confiscated, land assignments returned to the tribe and booted off the reservation. Come on people just how stupid can you be and just continue on with your head in the sand, don't wait for Uncle Sugar to act, get off your butts and make things happen for the good people of the Cree Nation.

concerned writes:

There is nothing sad about this except for the people who are hurting on the reservation. This guy has no remorse whatsoever in fact he still doesn't believe he did anything wrong...helping the people what a disgusting statement!! He and his wife helped themselves and her non Indian family, while Indians suffered at the mercy of their greed!! They really should be ashamed of themselves but no they still cannot admit their wrongs!!

Rick writes:

Sad that he stole the money right?? Not sad at the prison sentence he got what he deserved, he has betrayed himself, his family,his people and the reservation. Hopefully sentences from the judge are harsh so the theft in Rocky Boy will stop.

aimprez59521 writes:

Nothing sad about it except for the people who have had to suffer on this reservation. That is who I feel sorry for.Justice is being served is all.

rbcitizen writes:

This is very sad, but the choices he made were his own, his action put a lot of people at rocky boy out of work. The damage, is that the new clinic is sitting down there idle, no one around, very few boy's working at the corporation, sad. Hopefully this will wake-up our present and future council's and all other employees that are embezzling. keep going FEDS, there's still along way to go.

moneytalks writes:

VERY VERY SAD!!!!! However, we as a free people are able to make choices. Hopefully the lesson here will be for leaders to choose the right path when in a position of TRUST.............


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