Samson didn't deserve such poor treatment at Northern


August 18, 2014

Mark Samson is a sound football coach and a man of great integrity, a man who always gets along with his players. I can say this because he coached for me when we were winning Frontier Conference championships at Carroll College.

In my opinion, he was treated unfairly by the chancellor and athletic director in this matter. Who does the chancellor answer to? How can he force the resignation of so many people at Northern?

As an old coach, I feel it is my responsibility to let the fans of Northern football know what has happened. The chancellor wouldn't talk to Mark. In my opinion, Mark could not receive due process if the chancellor won't even talk to him.

In my opinion, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. As Mark explained in his letter, he moved football funds to a different account. He did this so he could pay the coaches who worked the camp for him immediately. How does the chancellor act as both judge and jury?

Mark has a wonderful family, and they didn't deserve this treatment in my opinion.

Bob Petrino

Former coach of Carroll College


Reader Comments

despoticpeon writes:

It doesn't really matter what the withdrawals were for, they were inappropriate use of funds - you start letting people do that and you invite corruption. Limbaugh did the right thing and I hope he fires anyone - Robin Hood or not that dips their hand into the cookie jar without following protocol.

NotSoFast writes:

I know they're kin and all, but I would use someone other than Bobby -Too Slick- Petrino to come to my defense. Samson screwed up, and if the University wants you gone. You're gone. He shouldn't have given the firing squad any ammunition.

Lucy writes:

The Powers that be have control.

Tark writes:

PJD- he did this so he could pay his coaches. These coaches spend hours and hours of their time away from their family and don't make much to support their families. Samson is an amazing guy and was looking out for his guys. Pretty messed up he's gone for that

outsideIN writes:

Nothing is simply 'enough said', PJD. Unless this is a second error in judgement, or more, there was plenty of room for discipline far short of forced resignation. We are a country with a history of second chances, many with inspiring outcomes. A two game/week suspension given the information shared in the paper would have sufficed. The more I read, the more there is to learn about the way this school is administered.

likesnorthern writes:

To all who bash Dr. James Limbaugh. Please be aware that MSU Northern had many problems before his arrival. MSU Northern's enrollment had been in a steady dive since 1999\2000. Dr. Limbaugh is an outsider who has been asked to make many tough choices, from eliminating programs with few or no graduates to asking other employees to evaluate their commitment to change. While the negative light has been shown on Northern recently, many good things have happened since Dr. Limbaugh's arrival.

DestanyField writes:

Anyone who knows what's been going on at MSUN knows that this forced resignation had nothing to do with Coach Samson's mistake of getting a off campus account to pay the coaches that helped with the camp. This whole situation has arised because Chancellor Limbaugh has made it his mission to force anyone and everyone out of MSUN that has at any time in the past confronted him or ousted him in any way. Chancellor Limbaugh needs to be the one FORCED out.

Willy writes:

I would have to agree with Mr. Petrino. The punishment did NOT fit the crime. People can say all they want it is not a pucnishment, it is. The Chancellor isolates himself and his subordinates do the dirty work. Mr. Petrino is also correct there is no due process at Northern. Check out their policies. Sad, but Dr. Limbaugh (and Mrs.) is ruining Northern!

Pjd writes:

Are you kidding me? He misappropriated funds. Enough said....


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