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Time for Limbaugh to leave


This past week has been very trying for the Montana State University-Northern community.

Coach Mark Samson is a highly respected individual in the state of Montana. When he was told he had to resign or be fired, it cut deep into the many supporters of the MSU-Northern program.

Yes, what he did was wrong, but if you look deep into it and why, you will see that the real blame starts with the leadership at MSU-Northern. MSU-Northern really dropped the ball on this one.

Mr. Jim Limbaugh gets his check, and a very sizable one at that, every month, a home, a vehicle, he has almost no expenses. It's easy for him to go month to month not worrying about when his next paycheck is coming.

The young coaches that help at all the sports camps are living paycheck to paycheck. They don't have someone covering all their expenses. They cannot wait for the dollars to be deposited into a MSU-Northern account and slowly make it through the system and finally get a check 30 or 60 days later.

A simple bookkeeping system could have been set up to get the checks to the supporting coaches at the end of the camp. Mr. Limbaugh really does not care about the students. If you really listen to him speak it's about what he is doing.

Last Wednesday I attended the volleyball scrimmage in the MSU-Northern gym, we all sat in the gym that was at least 80 degrees. He has been aware of this problem since he arrived on campus. Still, nothing is being done to fix it. You can bet his office is comfortable all the time.

Last week, I heard Mr. Limbaugh speak at a club, and he spoke of how he has hired 38 new employees. He did not speak of the 42-plus that are no longer at MSU-Northern.

Mr. Limbaugh is not respected in the MSU-Northern community, he is not part of the local community and does not support the local community.

MSU President Waded Cruzado, Montana Board of Regents Chairperson Paul Tuss, it is time you listen to the supporters of MSU-Northern. Mr. Limbaugh should be treated the same way he treats his employees. It is time for him to leave.

I have been a very strong supporter of Montana State University, Northern Montana College and MSU-Northern for many years. I will continue to support the students of MSU and MSU-Northern. I cannot and will not support the lack of leadership at MSU-Northern.


Mark Peterson

Hill County resident


Reader Comments(9)

despoticpeon writes:

It's more that we have seen Northern as a university that has languished in apathy for awhile; it is nice to see the lights turned on and the facilities taken care of at a minimum. Some staff changes I know of were necessary. I don't think Limbaugh is the answer to our problems, but he has made a visible impact, for good or ill, on what was a decaying institution and for many that earns him some credit. I do have less faith in those that were content with the previous status quo.

northerngrad14 writes:

I never noticed the sidewalks cleared on the Ag/Diesel side of campus, and the Ag Room was freezing every winter for the three years I was there. I sat in the back once, and had to start bringing an electric blanket it was so cold! I don't care who's fault it is, but its ridiculous that a whole class has to wear coats all day, everyday of the week!!!!

NoMoreLimbaugh writes:

Thank you Mark for this letter. The sidewalks being cleared are not exactly a worry of mine, my worries are more like are the teachers showing up for class that is scheduled? I had many classes like this during my short time (biggest waste of money) attending northern. Limbaugh only had one sentence for me when I brought it up to him, This isn't high school. I have never felt so much anger and regret in my life. Northern is going down hill and it's happening faster then most of us realize.

Willy writes:

My perceptions from what I hear, from you Limbaugh supporters, is that the people that were forced out, did not want to change and that Limbaugh should do everything in his power to get rid of them.

likesnorthern writes:

Thank you TIMETOEVOLVE. Yes, the problems at Northern have existed for a long time. The inability of some faculty and staff to look inward and realize that change is needed. Dr. Limbaugh has made outstanding changes to the campus, from having the sidewalks cleared in the winter, to highlighting the architecture in Cowan Hall, to renovating the SUB dining hall, to beautifying campus with new signs, and flowers, to encouraging the city of Havre to pave the road in front of the college.

Willy writes:

Let's see the enrollment numbers this fall. I can not believe you people are supporting him! He is a bully. Yes there are some phycial things that are better now. But at what cost? He needs to go.

despoticpeon writes:

I'm not saying the guy is always right, but Northern's enrollment is up and the place has visibly improved since he took over. I know coaches are inexplicably sacrosanct in institutions supposed to be institutions focused on higher learning, but when the daily news reports: The auditor considered $1,203 of the total to be for the personal use of Samson. From an administrative perspective it seems obvious what needed to be done.

Willy writes:

Thank you Mark for this letter. You are so right, it is past time for him to leave. He has gotten rid of a lot good people through the resign or be fired. Good bye.

TimeToEvolve writes:

The situation at Northern has existed long before Limbaugh took the position. The Deans, Faculty and Administrators dismiss new ideas from fresh faces, citing the Northern-wide mantra of 'this is how we've always done it.' They've lost a lot to competing institutions because of that unfortunate mindset, former staff included. I wish nothing but the best for Northern, but it has a long road ahead and some serious dicsussion needs to be made if it ever wants to be taken seriously.

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