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Havre Police comment on Klan flyers


August 20, 2014

In light of the public outcry against the United Klans of America flyers at the Havre City Council meeting Monday, the Havre Police Department sent out a press release about the matter Tuesday.

“Our officers work diligently at patrolling the streets, investigating crimes and ensuring the safety of the citizens of Havre,” the press release says. “No one should ever feel fearful to live in or visit our community.”

The police department said that no particular area was targeted by the unknown persons who handed out flyers that read “Neighborhood Watch: You can sleep well tonight knowing the UKA is awake!” over the weekend.

The flyers were handed out at the east end of town, in Highland Park and in Smithville.

“The Havre Police Department is continuing to look into the incident and has developed a few possible leads,” the press release says. “These leads are currently being explored by the police department in conjunction with the Department of Justice agencies and the FBI.”

The police department cannot impede the unknown people’s freedom of speech, however.

“We live in a free society and one of our Constitutional rights is the freedom of speech. Although we do not condone the activity of throwing a message into a yard, such as letters, posters and or flyers, we cannot simply violate anyone’s rights because they may belong to a certain organization,” the press release says.

It adds that when an actual criminal offense has occurred, they will fully investigate it.

The police urge citizens to give Crimestopper tips and develop Neighborhood Watch programs to combat situations like this.

Those who would like to report something should call the police department at 265-4361.

“Havre is a wonderful community with great people and we don’t want to allow an event like this to cause unnecessary fears or worries,” wrote Gabe Matosich, acting police chief of the Havre Police Department.


Reader Comments

deflave writes:

Few things are as scary as a leaflet.

sayitloud writes:

Let me guess, you know someone that knows someone. Havre has always been affected by racism dating back from when anyone of us now, were just a twinkle in our parents eyes. This whole UKA investigation is, YES, serious enough to have called the FBI. Matters such as, should not be taken lightly by anyone regardless of what anyone of them say. Racial profiling happens everyday in this town. More often than not, sadly. What happened to our Montana...

Slickyboyboo writes:

Article is true, they are protected under the free speech in our constitution. The only actual crime committed was littering, so the FBI was called in for littering?

True writes:

True, Our Havre Patrol officers are a bunch of great hard working guys. Thanks Havre PD


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