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Havre High students revive old tradition


August 21, 2014

John Paul Schmidt

Havre High School class of 2015 students Destiny Martin, left, and Sarah Manuel paint the "H" on Saddle Butte Wednesday evening.

Students of Havre High School hiked up the side of Saddle Butte to make their mark on the history of Havre Wednesday.

Lindsey Kudrna said she invited the entire Havre High School Class of 2015 to help paint the "H" on Saddle Butte, but only a handful of students showed up to help.

Serendipitously, 15 students arrived to show their school spirit in a tradition that has not been performed since the class of 2011.

"We as a class want to be remembered," Kudrna said. "Our senior class wants to make memories and make our last year at Havre High the best it could ever be."

Kudrna and her friends went around to local businesses like Havre Hardware, ProBuild and Walmart to ask for donations of paint supplies.

The group first changed the 11 to a 15 that evening before repainted the "H" and accompanying numbers.

"We are hoping to show the town how proud we are to be Blue Ponies," Kudrna said. "We want to be a senior class that is remembered in 20 years for showing the whole town our school spirit."


Reader Comments

happygirl writes:

Good job Class of 2015. Other Senior classes have tried to paint the H and change the year but were told that due to vandalism, litter, etc. that this practice was not being allowed on the hill anymore. Glad to hear that the land owners had a change of heart.

Havrehigh1515 writes:

The invitation was open to all havre high seniors. It was posted on Facebook and as many people were tagged as possible. Everyone was told to try and get the word out. There was nobody left out on purpose. The leaders in out class did a great job at trying to include everyone.

Wonderful writes:

Good Job kids!!!! I think it is great that the class of 2015 organized this!! I am sure no one was intentionally left out....with all the outlets of internet, social media and word of mouth it surprises me that students did not know. I encourage the left out seniors to get involved with other school activities and stay involved with HHS!! Go ponies!!

Supporter writes:

I would hope that those 3 seniors that did not go would have been invited by someone that has Facebook. Why must people be negative, maybe they could plan the next activity. Great job to those that planned this, you will never make everyone happy.

Taylor writes:

This was an awesome idea! I am so glad it got changed! Someone put this together and tried to do something good. Nobody needs to put negative posts and make this person feel like they did something bad or make them feel bad. Go class of 2015!

Kay writes:

Maybe some other children need to step up and try to change some things for the seniors and their community. What that girl did was wonderful and im sure it was hard to do what she did. She did what not one other student would do in 4 years, you should be thanking her and not degrading her. People need to realize how hard being a leader is, and learn to look for the positives not negatives. Although not every student was invited im sure alot of the class was and not many showed up.

Willy writes:

Great idea, but not all havre High Seniors were invited. There are some hurt feelings out there. I know of three seniors that were NOT invited.


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