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Petition calls for Limbaugh removal


August 26, 2014

A petition to remove Montana State University-Northern Chancellor James Limbaugh has been floating around town.

Mike Tilleman, owner of Tilleman Motor Co., said he was approached by community members to help in getting signatures for a petition that reads:

“We the undersigned businesses and citizens of Havre believe that Chancellor James Limbaugh is not working for the best interest of the school, the community, and the students of MSU-Northern. We ask the Regents to take action and remove Chancellor Limbaugh from his position.”

Tilleman has dozens of signatures on the petition at his office.

“I haven’t found anybody who doesn’t want to sign it,” Tilleman said.

He said he decided to host the petition at his office because he thinks that hiring Limbaugh is the “worst business decision that was ever made.”

The firing of former head football coach Mark Samson was an issue Tilleman felt passionate about. He said firing the head coach at the start of the season was not a good move.

“It’s not fair to the kids; it’s not fair to the coach,” Tilleman said.

Tilleman said Samson’s firing was just one of many errors the chancellor has made. It adds to the ranks of cutting the secondary education program, said Tilleman, an 11-year former National Football League player.

“I worked for 14 years to bring the walls down between that school and that community and he wants to build the walls up,” Tilleman said.

Tilleman said he and the other business owners and people who are pushing the petition are going to submit it to higher-ups in the Montana University System once they feel they have an adequate number of signatures.

Director of University Relations Jim Potter and Chancellor James Limbaugh said they did not want to comment on the matter.


Reader Comments

bull writes:

Tilleman saying he was approached by members of the community about leaving a petition at his place is a downright lie. He is the instigater of the petition. Check up on your facts before you publish HDN

cleanerup writes:

I don't know about the case here with the coach but it has been obvious for years that some of the good ole boys club at Northern needed cleaned up. Limbaugh has at least had the courage to fix some of the mes*ses.

jkelleherHDN writes:

Sorry for the problems you are facing in posting comments. Please e-mmail to news@havredailynews.com and we will post it from here.

despoticpeon writes:

How is it that I can type a reasonable reply and get blocked for possibly having offensive language or censored for having a contrary opinion while others can rant in caps and call people ignorant?

dilly writes:

2smart, your name is ironic. I'm sorry, but I looked into your allegations of it being the same hiring group, not the case. Did any of the different members object during the searches? You rush to blame, sophomoric. I blame the individual, not the group. Just as easy I can blame you for not expressing yourself until now on this issue of removal. Where were you? What did you do about it?

2smart4u writes:

THE SEARCH COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED THE HIRE OF LIMBAUGH, DILLY! They were supposed to vet this guy and they FAILED. Virtually the SAME group of people also hired Trockie, who didn't to a stellar job, either. It is apparent these people don't know what they are doing, and should not serve on another Search Committee. Not doing so is IGNORANT! I didn't like his interview on the radio or what was printed in the HDN during the search, Limbaugh is a puff piece. He's ruining OUR college and needs to GO.

dilly writes:

First, he got rid of all secondary despite the recommendation to eliminate only two. That was not a data driven decision. Second, blaming the search members is ignorant. They are not to blame if someone abuses their power. Good job, Mike.

Willy writes:

Despoticpeion, I could go into detail on some of his issues, but I am sure it would not get published. Just one though, what about his lies in the Bachmeier hearing? That entire fiasco is one good reason to get rid of him.

despoticpeon writes:

Cutting the secondary education program makes sense, some of the programs such as the Secondary Ed math program had only 2 people enrolled. The university system was pushing to eliminate duplication as well. The auditor found that the coach misappropriated funds, if he were anything but a coach we wouldn't be having that discussion. Every time I hear someone complain about Limbaugh, their grievances have been vague and general, I could get on board if shown specific wrongdoings.

2smart4u writes:

Not only should The Anointed One go, but those who decided to interview him on the Search Committee should NEVER serve on another!If that's the best they can do, their work was very poor.


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