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Park board discusses info kiosks, future plans

The Hill County Park Board held lengthy discussions Monday night concerning future plans of Beaver Creek Park, the Lions Campground and an information kiosk project.

Beaver Creek Park Superintendent Chad Edgar and his team are planning on putting up information kiosks at the park, beginning with the reserved campgrounds.

Edgar said these kiosks will offer information about each area and include a map.

“The woodshop at Havre High School is going to make them,” he said. “There will be a map of the park and of the campsite.”

Hill County Commissioner Mark Peterson said plans for the Lions Campground have been forwarded to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and is waiting for approval.

Within the proposed plan, rather than moving the old pavilion, a new pavilion will be placed in the proximity of the area.

“We felt it would be a cost overrun if we tried to move the old one and something wouldn’t go right, something would break and we’d end up spending more money,” Peterson said. “We’re hoping FEMA will approve the new pavilion, and we’ll leave the old pavilion where it sits.”

The next park board meeting is scheduled for March 2.


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