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Local Bowling Report: No-Tap tourney continues at Hi Line Lanes

Ten Pin Chatter...

After second week of the NoTap Tournament the standing are as follows: First, Alicia Burrington and Ryan Mapes 1,716, Second, Denise Friede and Kyle Surber 1,652, Third, Alicia Burrington and Chris Owens 1,648; Fourth, Pam Darrah and Dave Azure, Chinook, 1,636, Fifth, Susan Springer and Shawn Mariani 1,603.

SUNDAY KEGLERS: Bud Light 985; Kyle Surber’s Team 2618; M. Denny 222, 498; J. Lynnes 248; K. Surber 651. Other Honors: D. Tilleman 183; A. Newton 193; S. Burrington 226, 212, 629; D. Linderman 221; R. Surber 222, 626. SPLITS: S. Robinson 2-10. 1st place is Holden’s Hot Wheels.



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