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Bullock vetoes 6 bills so far this session

HELENA (AP) — With two-thirds of the 2015 session complete, Montana's Democratic governor has disagreed with relatively few bills passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature.

As of Thursday, Gov. Steve Bullock has vetoed six Republican bills, including two calling for firearm deregulation, an income tax cut and a bill that would have eliminated the ability of local governments to set minimum wages.

By this point in the last session, Bullock had vetoed the same number of bills, but six more he would later veto were on his desk. Bullock went on to veto a total of 71 bills in 2013. That number is second only to Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer's 78 vetoes in 2011.

Among Bullock's vetoes last session was a bill that would have allowed concealed weapons on campuses. A group of moderate Republicans helped thwart that bill this week.


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